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Reports and Summeries on EMF or Electro-Magnetic Fields

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Authority Reports and Summaries

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NIEHS, The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (U.S.)
NIEHS Report on EMF, June 15, 1999), (pdf)

in Swedish
Europeiska Parlamentets STOA Rapporter om Elektriska Fält och Icke Joniserande Strålning
Elektromagnetiska fält och hälsa - Informationsblad N° 05/2001, Februari 2001 (pdf)

References on EMF

in English

I.S.F. Institut für Stressforschung ( Institute for Stress Research)
Research & Development, Berlin, Germany 
Biological effects of electromagnetic fields on humans in the frequency range of 0 to 3 GHz. Summary and Results of a study of Russian medical literature from 1960 - 1996

in Swedish

ELFORSK Hälsoeffekter av kraftfrekventa elektriska och magnetiska fält - litteraturgenomgång.
Health effects of power-frequency electric and magnetic fields - literature review
In pdf-format
EMF-forskningen 1998/99
EMF-forskningen 2000 
EMF-forskningen 2001 
EMF-forskningen 2002 
EMF-forskningen 2003

Other Reference listings on EMF

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EMF reports - Mixed articles and references on EMF (132KB ascii)
EMFs and toxicology (1MB ascii)