FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive | 9 March  1995


The All-Time Strangest Website 
Alla tiders underligaste Website 

The Z-magazine 1995:3 (a Swedish publication) had a small notice about what they believe to be the strangest website, this one! 

Here is a translation of the text:
"Where do you find the all-time strangest WWW-page? Our suggestion, which we believe to be hard to beat, is this homepage for VDT-injured. We wonder, how do they do when looking at it?" (They continue by making a contest out of finding the "worst" homepage on the net...)

We just can't make up our mind if we should be flattered or not ;-) Seriously, this server is not intended for those who no longer can use a computer, but for those who can and are interested in this problem. But, of course there is a certain amount of irony in this... 

Written 950309 by Clas Tegenfeldt.