FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive | 9 March  1995


Microwave News Jan/Feb 1995: 
EMFs Boost Tree Growth at Exposures of 1-7mG at 76Hz 

Scientists at Michigan Technological University's (MTU) School of Forestry and Wood Producat in Houghton recorded enhanced growth as high as 74% in some red maples. These occured at magnetic fields of 1-7mG within 50-150 meters of the 56-mile-long U.S. Navy submarine communications antenna. No changes were observed for red oaks or paper birches. One suggestion is that the trees reallocate their carbon resources, shifting from their roots to their leaves and branches. 

Two other research teams observed similar changes in plant cycles, Dr. Thomas Burton of Michigan State University, East Lansing, and Dr. Johann Bruhn at the University of Missouri, Columbia. 

The submarine communication antenna has been controversial ever since its construction, it's extremely low frequency permits it to send messages to submerged vessels all around the world. 

Written 950309 by Clas Tegenfeldt.