FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive | 17 March  1995


Athletics in microwaves 

The International World Championship in Athletics will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden in August this year. 

Swedish Cellular Telecom (Telia Mobitel) reports in their news magazine "Calling" no 1, Feb/Mar 1995, that they are busy extending and enlarging the system of microwave transmittors all around the center of town where the games will take place and the athletics live. "Right now we place antennas and masts on roofs and house walls... We use existing buildings to carry antennas." 

The article tells of a restaurant where Telia Mobitel has intalled their equippment (digital GSM) below. Over the entryway two antennas point to the street. "Thousands of people will be moving about here this summer."

Other equippment has for example been installed in a school attic and in a basement of an apartment house. There will be 15 new base stations ready for the Championship. 

Six months ago 9.5% had cellular telephones in Sweden, in February 1995 over 17% had one! Sweden is the most dense country in the world with regard to cellular telephones. Stockholm is by a wide margin the city with most cellular telephone users. 

The 900 MHz bands for NMT900 and GSM are rapidly being overcrowded. In Stockholm, Telia Mobitel has requested for opening up the new GSM band at 1800 MHz as soon as possible to remedy the situation. 

Telia Mobitel is very proud. There will be plenty of microwaves for everyone. 
Written 950317 by Clas Tegenfeldt.