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FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive


Pressrelease 950111: 
Can mobile/cellular telephones be dangerous to your health? 

Swedish researchers haven't been able, as yet, to prove that people who claim to be oversensitive to electricity can sense electromagnetic fields. There has been no confirmation of the results published by the research group led by Rea in Dallas, USA. They reported a strong connection between subjective reactions and exposed fields. Up till now, research have focused on extremely low frequency fields, as opposed to the electrical hypersensitive themselves who have a long time suspected that the source to their problems may be best sought in the high frequency range. 

Now, a group in Experimental Dermatology of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, presents a pilotstudy that shows a possible connection between reactions of subjects and exponation to high frequency fields. The experiment was performed as a double blind provocation study on a small group of electrical hypersensitive persons, the source of fields was standard mobile (cellular) telephones. One of the subjects could tell if the telephone was off or on in nine tests of nine possible. That person had both acute and delayed reactions. The other subjects had less hitratio. 

The implications of this results are hard to judge before further research have been performed. 

For further information, please contact Olle Johansson, head of the group for Experimental Dermatology, +46 8 728 7058. 

Ann-Mari Dock, Informationsavdelningen, KI. 950111. 

(The translation above is based on the Swedish pressrelease.) 

Written 950128 by Clas Tegenfeldt.