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FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive
1998 EMF-diary
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January 7, 1998

FEB sent a letter to all  members in the Swedish Parliament and enclosed an information brochure, a four page Question and Answer brochure (in Swedish) on Microwaves and Cell phones 

Two questions were asked:
1."How do you intend as an MP, to work in this question regarding microwave emissions?

    a) immediately
    b) in a longer perspective
2.Are you prepared to create electromagnetic free zones and thereby making it possible for hundreds of people who have had to flee their homes, to get a decent refuge?"

January 9, 1998

Svenska Dagbladet (conservative daily newspaper) writes with big headlines as first page news, that if one uses a cellphone for more than one hour a day, one runs the risk of injurying one's health. GSM phones are pointed out as specifically risky and in particular those with stubby (short) antennas. The Swedish expert Kjell Hansson Mild is qouted. He suggests that the telephone designs should be changed. He heads one of the largest cell phone investigations in the world and is now putting the finishing touches on a Swedish-Norwegian investigation on health risks from cell phones. The results will be presented Feb, 4 1998. 

According  to Mild, the health problems occur when peple use phones for over one hour a day. The symptoms are similar to those experienced by ES (Electrically Sensitive) individuals, namely: headaches, heatsensation, stinging sensations in face and head, dizziness and fatigue. The GSM phones are more biologically active, says Mild. They seem to work better, but they can cause more health problems. Scientist have tons of material on this, Mild said, but declined to elaborate further. Manufacturers have not wanted to admit that cell phones cause problems, and adds that the problems could be solved with design changes. In tomorrows society, maybe there will not be any ordinary phones, Then we have to know  the risks, and manufacturers must do more to minimize the risks he said. The article was written by the Svenska Dagbladet Geneva correspondent Gunilla von Hall who based the article on the planned WHO, international cell phone and brain tumour investigation. She also interviewed Ben Greenenbaum who participates in this study. He said: "There is clearly some worrying questionmarks regarding cancer and cell phones. At present, there exists uncertainties, and the only way to be on the safe side is to not use a cell phone at all". 


January 29, 1998

Member of Parliament, Mr. Erling Bager brought up the above subject in  in a parliament discussion. He approached the Minister of Environment, MS. Anna Lindh. He was concerned over the enormous proliferation of mobile phone antennas. 

Mr Bager described how in Old Town in Stockholm, on the Vaster Langgata Street in an apartmentbuilding, one can reach out the window and almost touch a mobile phone antenna. In another part of Stockholm, Bredang, four mobile phone antennas have been erected on top of an apartment building. The closest house to these antennas is 25 meters (75 feet). On yet another house, there is another antenna. A day care center is nearby.  Mr. Bager wants the government to introduce a safety distance from mobile phone antennas. This might be a good idea. 

In Gothenburg, on the Swedish wet coast, the Radisson SAS hotel has several antennas and in particular two GSM antennas on each side of a window on the top floor. One wonders of this is wise or if the hotel guest or the people working in the hotel are aware that they might be exposed when sitting  in seeming safety inside, only a few feet away from the antennas outside. Most people have no idea what these antennas look like or what their purpose is. They do not have a chance to choose exposure or not.  If there was a safety distance, this kind of hazardous placement might have been avoided.

February 19, 1998

Gothenburg Post newspaper reports : Eric Wright at the Medical research Council in Oxfordshire England. says that they have found that even very low doses x-ray can cause genetic damage in a  way they had not previously thought possible. 

This brings to mind
1.That soon we might have the same thing said about microwaves.
2. When John Goffman (one of the inventors of the atomic bomb) and Arthur Tamplin in the U.S said the same thing as Wright ,many years ago - they and their team lost all funding. As Goffman expressed it in an interview on Swedish radio - one day our office was like Grand Central Station, the next day - empty. 

Tamplin has confirmed the same to me. Tamplin is retired and works in Sweden for our "Swedish Ralph Nader" called Bjorn Gillberg. This might help us understand the predicament of  researchers and also the importance that they stand firm against pressure. 


March 10, 1998
EMF-shielding material

Many have asked for a material (cloth) that shields against especially microwaves. There is a company in Germany that manufactures and sells these. This material appears to do this very thing. I know of a person who sleeps in a makeshift tent at night made out of this  material. Another has it across windows. 

Please try for yourself, I cannot guarantee anything. Those sensitive to chemicals/smells might be cautious. 

The company:
att: Mr. Bertulett
Querlandstrasse 6 B
D-28357 Bremen
Tel: 49 421 275047  Fax: 49 421 273643