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FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive
1997 EMF-diary
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January 19,1997

The Sunday Times reports that "three members of one of the most secret units fighting the IRA have suddenly died of cancer". They detectives who were in their thirties, had all worn concealed radio or microwave transmitters for long periods as part of their work. The transmitter were usually worn in the small of the back, strapped to the skin, or next to the kidneys
Comment: As we have seen with ES individuals, the mucous membranes are the most sensitive and often show symptoms show up there: eyes, lungs, brain tissue, intestines. 

Colon cancer is not very common in younger people. One wonders about all the people that have cellular phones hanging on their hip. In the hip we have precious deposits of bone marrow which the cellular phone is dangerously close too

September 23, 1997

The Swedish daily business newspaper Dagens Industri reports that Skandia, the largest insurance group in Scandinavia has sold its reinsurance company Skandia International. Commenting on this sale. Head of Skandia International, Per-Erik Hasslert said that this is an area of considerable uncertainties. He pointed out three key risk areas that Skandia will escape:
  • electromagnetic fields
  • breast implants
  • smoking
Comment by Leif Sodergren:
-Swiss RE (reinsurance) has identified EFMs as a future possible problem in their booklet: Elektrosmog- a phantom risk.
-Electromagnetic Hazard & Therapy  1997, Volume8, no2, writes that Lloyds of London has also recently focussed on the EMF risk. Lloyds had a two page article in their publication 'On Lime Street'. The article was titled:"EMF health exposure-a case for vigilance". Bob Wallace, an active underwriter for a LLoyds syndicate is quoted  as saying. "If ever a case succeeds it would open the flood gates."
-Skandia has experience from EMFs in helping their Electrically Sensitive employees in that Skandia was one of the first company to introduce a  "Skandia Insurance Company: Policy regarding
Electric Sensitivity" Here is an excerpt(translation):
"At Skandia we consider that there can be a relationship between electric sensitivity and work with the VDT. Those who experience themselves to be electrically sensitive shall get
quick and effective help. The closest manager shall work together with the person in charge at Skandia headquarters for questions concerning electric sensitivity, and make sure that the electromagnetic fields around the computer get reduced so called "simple measures". ( Replacing fluorescent desk lights with ordinary lamps that use bulbs, using a grounded screen on
the VDT and grounding the metal desk legs, moving away faxes and copiers as far away as possible).  If these measures do not help, the manager shall together with support from Skandia
headquarters make sure that further measures are quickly taken.

In conjunction with these technical measures taken, the person in question should be referred to the company doctor for a medical examination.The purpose of this policy is that the emplyee can continue his or her work without being troubled by electric sensitivity...." 

(Extract from a policy : "Skandia's measures to be implemented in the case of electric sensitivity" The policy is based on measures decided by Skandia's work environment committee November 23, 1995. The policy is presented in Swedish in a six page two colour brochure).

October 1997

The president of  the Swedish post office  Mr.Ulf Dahlsten, admits after an exchange of letters with FEB(The Swedish Association for the Electrosensitive) that they had limited knowledge when they decided to install Televisions sets above where the personnel work and customers stand. He writes that whereas he cannot promise to remove the sets, he will inform all the regional offices to arrange with electrically sensitive individuals who cannot stand below on of the televisions to get preferential treatment. 

In Sweden, you take a number and  as an ES individual you cannot predict whether you end up below a TV or not. The post office is now open for a solution with ES individuals..
One document that convinced Mr. Dahlsten that a television or a computer screen CAN have an effect on people and ES individuals in particular was an article "The tempest over Leaking Computers by  Harold Joseph Highland" in which it is described that anyone can "spy" on a computer screen from up to a distance of one kilometre by using a fairly simple antenna. This is common knowledge by the military.

November 11, 1997

In a press release HSO, The Swedish Cooperative Body of Organizations of Disabled People for the Stockholm area (which includes 28 different groups of handicap organizations) gives its support to the members of  FEB(The Swedish Association of the Electrosensitive). 

"It is unacceptable that several families have been forced to flee their homes due to microwave antennas which have been built in the area. We demand that their demands are met for ELECTROMAGNETIC FREE ZONES for the electrically sensitive and that the development of cellular phones is carried out in a controlled manner. 

This is a question of public health which can grow into enormous dimensions if not properly handled today"

December 8, 1997
AWARD TO MCS/ES Cindy Duehring from USA.

Ms. Duehring was one of five "pioneers of 'people's science'" to share the RIGHT LIVELIHOOD AWARD (USD 250.000). The award is popularly called "the alternative Nobel prize". 

"All were honoured for their outstanding work in upholding human values, often in the face of hostility from mainstream science....Cindy Duehring of the United States, who has made herself an acknowledged  expert on chemical injuries to health and created an international network on the subject, despite being horrendously incapacitated by pesticide poisining..." (It was widely reported in the press and also the fact that she is Electrically Sensitive.) 

The founder of the organization (RIGHT LIVELIHOOD ORGANIZATION email: info-rightlivelihood.se    fax 46 8 7020338), Mr.Jakob von Uexkull, "delivered a stinging indictment of the new "truth monopoly" imposed by the world's dominant economic and political forces. Those daring to oppose the monopoly were ignored, defamed or intimidated, he said".