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1996 EMF diary
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January 9, 1996

Trollhättans tidning(newspaper) writes that when the scientists Per Hoegstedt and Thomas Oertendahl from Goeteborg Sweden, in 1992, were able to show that the amalgam(silver) fillings, that most people have in their mouths, released mercury when placed in front of Cathode Ray VDTS (due to the magnetic fields), all hell broke loose. Some VDT brands, the scientists were able to proove, caused more mercury to be released from the tooth fillings than others. 

The scientist received so much pressure from computer manufacturers, they had to lock all their research in a safe for fear of it disappearing or being destroyed. The were approached with bribes. Later their funding dried up. No more research was carried out.

February 19.1996
Svenska Dagbladet(newspaper)

The government wants to get a better picture of electrical allergy, the paper writes. Several government agencies are involved. 

The initiative comes from Social minister, Ingela Thalen who said that it is not hard to be affected when you see how the electrically sensitive have to change their lives. I myself have a friend who is electrically sensitive said the minister to the newspaper.

March 19,1996
Seminar on Electrical Sensitivity in Vaesteraas, Sweden:

Kjell Hansson Mildh (Work Life Institute, Umeaa, Sweden) said during this seminar, that his experiments show that the low frequencies of electromagnetic fields possibly can have a negative influence (on living organisms), but if we gradually increase the frequencies, the negative effects are lowered correspondingly -- if one increases the frequencies to the Giga Hertz levels -- THEN ALL NEGATIVE INFLUENCES CEASE, organisms do not seem to react at all! 

Mildh refused to comment further on these rather remarkable statements despite severeal requests to do so. 

These statements are puzzling considering the statements by Kjell Hansson-Mildh reported by Reuter early this year: "We want to find out why a lot of people are bothered by tingling and warm sensations in their faces and headaches when they use the mobile telephones...We have been getting a lot of phone calls about such cases...We started talking to collegues in the UK, Australia, Norway and Finland, and they all said the same thing." If he knows that the higher frequencies are harmless, why bother researching?

March 19,1996

Thw Australian Medical Association Limited, President David Weedon writes to a member of the global network of electrically sensitive: "I have believed for some time now that we are sitting on a "time bomb". I have opposed the establishment of mobile phone transmittors near schools on the basis that the "jury is still out" with respect to the long term effects. "

March 23, 1996
Norra Västerbotten(Newspaper)

The paper reports about a police building in Arvidsjaur, northern Sweden, that is considered to a "sick building". Despite attempts at rebuilding it, people still feel bad. The article does not say how the building was improved, but one might suspect that it was equipped with high-tech gadgets including high frequency fluorescent lights and energy-saving bulbs which generally severly bother electrically sensitive individuals. 

The symptoms experienced by the policemen  are quite similar to those experienced by electrically sensitive individuals such as: eye respiratory and skin irritation and also lack of concentration and mental exhuastion. The company doctor was clearly worried, the paper wrote. If these symptoms of confusion and poor ability to concentrate, continue, the policemen will have to be ragerded as permanently demented. The doctor cited a case where a policeman comes home and puts his cellular phone away and later he cannot find it until it rings -- in the fridge! Another policeman will reply that the time is  "ten crowns" instead of "ten o clock" 

If cellular phones can cause mental confusion and strange behaviour,one must seriously question the usage of cellular phones by people in responsible positions in society! 

The fact that some of the policeman in Arvidsjaur have to use asthma spray in their police cars (with a lot of electronic gadgets and cellular phones),but not in their private cars, indicates that  electromagnetic fields and in particular high frequencies can be involved . 

The fact is, that many electrically sensitive individuals have breathing problems when in contact with e/m fields. Both skin and mucus membranes are affected(and in many cases, there are neurological symptoms also). Some researchers have suspected a correlation between asthma and higher e/m frequencies. It is interesting to note that asthma cases are  not highest in countries such as Poland where pollution is fairly high, but in those countries,  most heavily electrified and electronically "sophisticated". 

The continued denial od electrical sensitivity by the medical establishment hinders a sane look at the situation, and is a disservice to the patients doctors supposedly are there to help.

April, 1996
From LIBEREL information brochure:

LIBEREL, the well known "electric sanitation" company that already has installed 350 shielded computer work places for brokers and bankers, informs that they have made a similar installation at the support department at MICROSOFT in Stockholm. 

The official reason for this appears to economize on space and  to reduce noise and heat since the VDTS and computers are all behind shielded and grounded glass and there is a special ventilation exhuast. This of course does reduce heat and noise, but Willy Dagerstål at Microsoft says the following: "The fact that the LIBEREL equipment is designed to reduce electromagnetic fields also, only made the equipment all the more interesting". 

(LIBEREL fax in Sweden: 46 910 108 81 att Martin Andersson. Brochure available in English)


In Arbetsmiljö ( magazine issued in Swedish by the Swedish Life Institute):
Traindrivers that work in high magnetic fields show chromosome changes. The results are most alarming says Kjell Hansson-Mildh. Changes in chromosomes are risk indicators for future cancers says Mildh. In the small group of 18 traindrivers, 14 show chromosome changes.

April 29, 1966

Agdeposten (newspaper) in Norway writes about officers who have worked on the same torpedo-ship whilst exposed to microwaves from the radar on board and also to high frequency radio signals. Two of the children of the officers were born with club-feet and another child was born with a deformed hand. (See more below)

May 10, 1996

The TCO newspaper reports that a total of four employees at Seagat`s factory in Thailand have died. They were all in their twenties and they had complained of headaches, fainting spells, muscle pain and fatigue. Similar symptoms had been reported from approximately 200 employees at Seagate. The female doctor, Orapun Metadilogkul investigated several deaths at Seagate in Thailand and found in the bloodsamples taken, elevated levels of lead. In samples from over 1000 emplyees, she found that 36 percent had more that 20 migrogram lead per 100 milliliter. She considered the symptomps to be due to chronic lead posioning, but Seagate said it was due to the Bangkok traffic. This suggestion was proven wrong bu Dr. Orapun who showed that only 8 percent of the trafficpolicemen and only 2 percent of the population had lead levels in their blood over 20 mikrogram. Experts say that the lead levels were not high enough to cause deaths, so Dr Orapun also suspects other chemicals used in manufacturing at the Seagate factory, most likely bromided flame retardants. (These chemicals are found in every computer, as well as  in the computer plastic casing usually up to 2 kilos in each unit. These chemicals are released in slow amounts during usage but mostly when the machine is new/editors note/.) 

All this happened in 1991, but Seagate managed together with local politicians, to cover up the findings and close the practice where she worked. There is now no one investigating industrial pollution in the country. Seagate employs over 16.000 people and politicians are keen to keep the factories in the country. The newspaper also mentions that the Japanese electronics industry in Thailand has reported several deaths...

May 26,1996

Svenska Dagbladet, (conservative daily newspaper) reports that several types of flame retardants are as dangerous as the prohibited PCB and DDT. 

Flame retardants are used in everything from computers to textiles and they are increasingly being distributed in the environment. Like PCB, flame retardants are found in seals in Svalbard, in fish and fisheating birds in the Baltic and now new analysis have found flame retardants in human blood. Scientists fear that reproduction will be affected. 

Up to 30 percent of the plastic casing in a computer or TV can consist of flame retardants. A group of flame retardants, PBDE are almost identical in their chemical structure to PCB which binds to the thyroid gland which regulates many functions such as behaviour, hunger, if one feels cold or warm, explains professor Aake Bergman, professor of environmental chemsitry at the University of Stockholm. We now have indications from Holland that flame retardants bind in the same way as PCB does.

May 31st 1996
The TCO newspaper reports:

Siemens Nixdorf advertized that their computers did not contain flame retardants. The article describes how the company had to back down as it was discovered that they did indeed contain flame retardants. 

The article mentions that some manufacturers have received the TCO95 cetrificate because their outside plastic casings on the computers do not contain flame retardants. But inside, the microchips still contain flame retardants. There is no commercial alternative. 

Most microchips these days contain a flame retardant TBBA(tetra-bromide-bis-phenol A). The newspaper asked Conny Oestman at the Work Life Institute about the dangers of long term exposure. He replied: We know that TBBA is released in small doses. It is bound in plastics, but a certain amount of molecules can be outside the plastic. TBBA can also be absorbed by blood and tissues and is broken down, very slowly. Swedish scientists have found it in electrically sensitive individuals. These chemicals are fat soluble and can be accumulated in the body. This means that one can build up a high  concentration in the body even though the levels of exposure, are very low.

June 7,1996

Göteborgs-Posten (newspaper) reports that by using simple methods one can measure how electrically sensitive individuals react up to ten days after exposure to electromagnetic fields from computers and fluorescent lights. 

Damage can be observed in red and white blood cells. Red blood cells become brittle and loose the ability to transport oxygen. The cells in the body become starved of oxygen and the immune system wavers. This explains the general sickness-feeling and the varying symptoms.

Free radicals get a free range. White blood cells loose their mobility and this is a sure sign that the immune defence is affected. 

These results are now being assembled for soon presentation by Professor Per-Arne Öckerman. Sixteen electrically sensitive individuals were voluntarily exposed to emf sources (that they already knew affected them negatively such as computers or fluoresvent lights) and clear and measurable changes were observed, but no changes were observed in the control group of ten people, also exposed. 

-We now have methods to measure damages to blood cells and in urine says Öckerman, professor in clinical chemistry at the university of Lund.... Those doctors who maiantain that there is no physical illness, because there are no laboratory results, have overlooked the most fundamental ethical rule, namely to listen to what the patient tells you says Öckerman.

July 4,1966

Svenska Dagbladet (conservative daily newspaper) reports that the Norwegian Navy is checking all 30.000 emplyees who have worked the last 30 years on Navy vessels. 

The whole thing was discovered by accident when two officers who had worked on the same motor torpedo boat "KVIKK" met at the orthopedic clinic in Bergen. They were both there on a similar business--to see their children with clubfeet. They thought this was a strange coincidence and asked around and soon found a third and a fourth until they had found six more children with deformities whose fathers had worked on "KVIKK". 

When this became more well known in the Navy, a total of 82 cases of Navy personnell with deformed children appeared. 

"We work on the hypothesis that this (the birth defects) has been caused by electromagnetic fields" says head doctor and commanding captain of the Norwegian Navy in Bergen, Jan Helge Halleraker.
When this was reported at the NATO meeting in Brussells, itb was decided to use radio transmittors at half force on all ships.


Norway is a small and very open country. Do we have similar incidents elsewhere? It was only discovered by accident in Norway when to men met at the same hospital... 

Robert Becker has reported similar, genetic affects of microwaves in the city of VERNON in the US, where microwave exposure is 1000 times higher than normal. There, they have a high incidence of Down's Syndrom. 

Clubfoot is a genetic defect passed on to a child via the father only.

August 5, 1996

In Svenska Dagbladet(daily conservative newspaper) reports on a study by the Swedish Socialstyrelse (National Board of Health and Medicine). The report suspects that the increase 1987-1993 has to do with older women havibg babies. Most of the fetuses were aborted. More women under 35 actually gave birth to their babies with Down's syndrom. Most likely because they did not think themselves old enough to be tested and/or not wanting to take the risk of the test.
The period 1987-1993 is also a period when women  increasingly have placed themselves in front of VDTs and also started using cellular phones, and getting exposed to microwaves from cellular phones. 

If the Norwegian officers could get genetic damage from electromagnetic fields (radar), the same is possible with women who sit in front of VDTS and who are exposed to microwaves from cellular phones. 

VDTs are by no means innocent. They by give off a range of electromagnetic fields(including microwaves) which cause a host of ill effects as evidenced by the many electrically sensitive individuals in the world. 

The fetus of an office working, pregnant women is very close to the VDT and in particular close to the keyboard that is usually of plastic and is not grounded and thus gives no radiation protection whatsoever to the fetus which is especially vulnerable as it is in a process of cell division. This needs looking into! 

(It is not only the fetus in a pregnant woman that is exposed from the radiation from an unshielded keyboard, the fingers that touch it, are in constant touch with electromagnetic fields of very high frequencies and considering how extremely shallow the nerv-endings are, it is not strange that we have so many cases of aches and pains in fingers, hands and arm and carpal tunnel syndroms. In Sweden the carpal tunnel syndrom is the most commonly performed hand surgery and the amount of operations increase every year.)