FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive | Sep 26 1994

September 26, 1994

Electrically Hypersensitive Individuals 
Join Hands Across the World

With global industrialization has come the need for an international tangle of electric power transmission and distribution lines that now form a global web. Our increased dependence on electricity and telecommunications has forced the proliferation of electronic products, power distribution systems and radio frequency transmissions. 

People from around the world have developed disabling and life threatening injuries from exposure to the hazardous level of electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation permeating our environment as a result of our dependence on electricity and electronic products. However it has become apparent that governments and manufacturers have not yet begun to take the issue of electrical hypersensitivity seriously. 

The many electrically hypersensitive individuals around the world join hands to tell you - this is a problem. Continuing to ignore it will not make it go away! 

Government and Regulatory Bodies - we ask you to focus on this issue. A large number of people are being injured each year by the continued bombardment of EMF radiation. Just as you enforce health and safety rules and regulations for other hazardous materials and environmental pollutants, so should you investigate and regulate hazardous EMF emissions. 

Manufacturers - We call on you to take advantage of available technology to reduce, mitigate and where possible, eliminate unnecessary EMF radiation from your products. The technology is there - use it! Where technology is not available, we implore you to develop technologies that address this matter. This is an issue that demands research. 

A world wide consortium of organizations are available to aid in the dissemination of information on this serious health threat and to provide educational and support material to hypersensitive individuals. 

We stand united. We ask for your support. For further information on electrical hypersensitivity, please feel free to contact any of the following organizations. 

FEB Föreningen för el-och bildskärmsskadade
(The Association for the Electrically and VDT-injured)
P.O Box 15126, 10465 Stockholm, SWEDEN
info on INTERNET: http://www.isy.liu.se/~tegen/febost.html

Foreningen for el-overfölsömme
(The Association for the electrically oversensitive)
c/o Per Husby, Stubbanv. 2, 7037 Trondheim, NORWAY

El- og Billedskaermsskadede i Danmark
(The electrically and VDT- injured in Denmark)
Aase Thomassen
Lunden 1, Alum, 8900 Randers DENMARK

Selbshilfegruppe Elektrosmog, Bayreuth
(Selfhelp group Elektrosmog)
Dipl.Ing. Franz Mayerhofer
Ringau 1, D-95515 Plankenfels, GERMANY

Arbeitskreis fur Elektrosensible e.V
(Action group for Electrically sensitive)
Aleestrasse 135
D-44793 Bochum, GERMANY

A Human Factors Non Profit Association
P.O Box 9571, Arlington, Virginia 22209, U.S.A

National EMR Alliance
410 West 53rd Street, Suite 402, New York, New York 10019, U.S.A

Microwave Awareness Group of Yelm
P.O. Box 1384
Yelm, Washington 98597, U.S.A

Residents Againts The Towers (RATT)
122 Thornwood Road
Butler, Pennsylvania 16001, U.S.A

If YOU wish to join this statement, please contact any of us! 

September 26, 1994

Should the press have any questions regarding this material please contact: Leif Södergren (responsible for international correspondence for FEB , The Association for the Electrically and VDT-injured) 

Some information on the subject of Electrical Hypersensitivity is enclosed but can also be obtained on INTERNET at this address: http://www.feb.se 

Föreningen för el-och bildskärmsskadade
(The Association for the Electrically and VDT-injured)
P.O Box 15126, 10465 Stockholm, SWEDEN