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Osama bin Laden "event" -- Let's rest EMF-L

14 September 2001
Hi everybody:

I think we had better take a rest for awhile with EMF-L.....   Certainly, most Americans now have their attention riveted on the events initiated by Osama bin Laden in New York and Washington.....  It appears that many of our friends worldwide are about the same in their reaction.

I thank ALL of you who have sent me messages about this event.  Predictably, I suppose, most of the messages were supportive of the U.S. and highly critical of the (directed against civilians) tactics of the terrorists.  A few, however, also manifested a tinge of "anti Americanism" that suggested you thought an "arrogant U.S." had finally gotten its comeuppance.

Needless to say, I do not share the latter view, but I will not dwell on that.

I do have a couple observations to offer about this event in its totality.

Earlier, I suggested that 'bin Laden's actions were a colossal mistake and would backfire upon him and his causes' -- perhaps upon the Arab world generally.

If you have been following these events closely in the news, you will be aware that a number of "signs" which confirm that prediction have already begun to appear.   The "sleeping tiger" -- the American public -- is now awake.

This means that, for one example, the President will get virtually anything he desires in terms of defense (or national security) funding.  Mr. bin Laden has done the President, the Republicans, the "conservatives," the defense industries (and thus the electronic/electrical/energy industries) a real favor!!!!!

The anti-missile air defense system, for example.  The president will get it.

The President's aspirations within his "new energy policy" in America.  He will get that too.

A "hard line" against the so-called "rogue" nations -- not just Afghanistan, but others like Korea or Iraq.  The president will be fully supported in just about anything he wants to do there.   (And -- I add -- now would not be a good time for the Chinese to get belligerent.  Better to wait until the tiger is again asleep.)

U.S. policy vis-a-vis the Israeli/Palestine "peace process."  You will not likely see any more U.S. "interference" toward quashing the activities of the Israelis against the Palestinians.  I look for the Israelis to have virtually a free hand there.

Go on  down the list.   U.S. policy or actions on just about any of the current "sensitive" international issues that you want to predict:  the actions of Osama bin Laden have put the "hard liners" in the "drivers seat" in America.

It is not easy to say for "how long" that public sentiment  will prevail, but my expectation is that we are likely to be talking "a few years" -- rather than a few months.  Americans are notoriously known for their short "political" memory. As an example, remember how easily George Bush "I" was turned out of office only some two years after he had routed Saddam Hussein in the Desert War. But, my prediction is that the current (two) generations of Americans (for whom "Remember Pearl Harbor" is only a text in their history book) will for the rest of their lives ... have transfixed within their psyche: "Remember the Twin Towers."

Enough on that. The other observation I wish to offer is that -- among the many heroes we are beginning to hear about in the "smoke" of this tragedy -- there is another hero who (which) deserves to be recognized by this EMF-L list ... because it is a device which we have much maligned:  the cellular phone!!!

The reports about the use of their cell phones by the passengers of those doomed flights -- destined to become flying bombs -- is simply a remarkable testimony to the potential GOOD that these devices can serve in times of emergency!!!!

(Not to overlook the regrettably too few "trapped in the rubble" voices that have been able to reach the outside world from beneath the carnage of the Twin Towers.)

I recall that some weeks back I had reported here (on EMF-L) that I had agreed with my x-generation children that they should/could own a cell phone "for emergency situations" and to be used sparingly in other situations.....  I continue to believe that is a sound decision!!!

Saying the above ... is NOT to say that there is no risk!!!

I continue to believe that there is a genuine risk in the "imprudent" (excessive) use of cell phones (or any other electromagnetic radiation source) under similar "high exposure" conditions.  The key -- in my view -- is to PRUDENTLY MINIMIZE that exposure!!!!!  (Isn't that, more or less, what the Stewart Report in the U.K. also concluded?)

In other words, let us here and now put this list on the record:  Our 'crusade' is NOT an anti-cell phone crusade.  It is an anti-EMF crusade!!!!!

There is a BIG difference.........

Ours is a crusade to demand HONESTY about the RISKS posed by the electromagnetic world -- the BLUE WORLD which now surrounds us.......

Ours is a crusade against the DISHONESTY (indeed, I say "criminal behavior") of our governments.  They are not "leveling with" their citizens.......  They are concealing, obfuscating, dissembling and in some cases lying about what is known concerning the EMF/EMR risks to the general public........

Changing that governmental behavior ... is our goal here......

Cheerio........  (I anticipate that I will be resuming the "normal" activity of the EMF-L list in a few weeks.....  In the meantime, you should continue to check my website from time to time.....  I may be adding more there.......)

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.....

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
........Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

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