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The guru appears here with his grand nephew and niece. Their generation is the principal victim of the coming Blue World.


Welcome to the home page of the EMFguru!!

In October 1995, Roy Beavers (the guru) began the EMF-L discussion list. It's mission was/is to "Shine the Light" on all aspects of the EMF problem. The target audience was/is the very poorly informed general public ... AND the politicians and government officials who are not doing their job on this!!!

But, we encourage ALL interested persons: lawyers, the media, engineers, scientists. Particularly the contribution of the scientists is needed -- to keep us "honest" and accurate. We have, from the first, enjoyed the participation of a number of the outstanding scientists in the field (governmental as well as non governmental). For that, guru is eternally grateful. And, guru is pleased to boast that -- from the first -- 20% to 30% of our participation has come from outside the U.S.!

Originally, the list was "open" and all comers were welcome to sign-up and participate freely in the discussions, which dealt with the possible harmful effects of human exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

An important premise of the guru's approach to the issue, as discussion moderator, was/is that the EMF problem is not just a matter of scientific determination. If that were true -- there would be no problem! Society and our governments would be dealing with it.

As a lobbyist, guru's experience in the milieu of EMF activity, going back to the middle 1980s, had convinced him that powerful (vested interest) political and economic forces were involved; and that these forces were impacting the science (indeed, all aspects of EMF) to a substantial degree -- sufficient to obfuscate and distort the "science." And sufficient to result in blocking the normal role of government....

In 1997 the list was changed to a "private" list. All EMF-L messages are received-by and originated-by the moderator. This means that not all messages he receives will be forwarded. Quality control is the "guru's" responsibility....

This move was taken to avoid many of the technical and "harassment" problems we were experiencing on our "open" list. This move was NOT taken to change in any way our policy of encouraging free and open discussion of the issues or presentations of ALL facts and opinions....

On this page you will find links to guru's original web-site and to the EMF-L archives. Please visit them. You will see that this discussion group has done (is doing!) a lot of good work.....

But the job is not finished. Your help is needed too! Your input and participation is welcome. Or you are welcome to just join and "listen in." Many do. Our current direct mail list is about 650 strong. In addition, there are many on the list who forward some or all of our traffic to others -- to their own lists. We are confident that the ultimate reach of the list on some of its most important messages is in the thousands....

To join the list, simply send an e-mail message to:

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)......

Mission Statement

To read our Government's position regarding EMF click here.
An Open Letter....
The Voice of Science
CANCER INCREASING in our society -- since electrification!!!

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