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14 July 2003
        Subject:  Last EMF-L Message (guru).
             Date:  Sun, 13 Jul 2003 03:42:47 -0500
             From:  ROY Beavers <>
Organization:  EMF-L list
                 To:  guru <>

Hi everybody:

This is my last EMF-L message........  I am simply burned out.
Also, as I no longer attend the EMF scientific meetings -- which I did
for nearly a decade -- I consider that I am no longer able to respond
on an "informed" basis to the MANY queries I receive........  Last, my
family deserves more attention than I have been able to give them.

As I look back at more than a decade of following the EMF saga, and
more than eight years of the EMF-L list, I cannot say that my goal
(as spelled out in the website Mission Statement) has been achieved.

But, I do not view my efforts over those years as having been
"wasted" either.

Along with a number of others who have been willing to honestly
face the realities of the BLUE WORLD --  a few courageous scientists;
a great many frightened, concerned, and also courageous activist
citizens from the general population worldwide; and _damn few_ from
the "press" or political ranks -- we have jointly succeeded in SHINING
THE LIGHT on the EMF problem......  I am confident that the seeds of
knowledge we have planted will grow.......  One day ... the deleterious
human health effects of electromagnetic radiation will be recognized
by responsible governments and responsible regulation will result.....
We will have contributed to that end.

(So, Adios and Auf Wiedersehen.......  To all my EMF friends and fellow
'fighters' who have shared the frustrations and discouragement of
the "fight," but who have persevered because 'the cause is right.'
I urge you to continue and wish you 'all the best.')
We have also, indeed, succeeded in IGNITING a worldwide movement
that I have no doubt will, in due time, overcome the special interests
-- especially our corrupted western "democracies" -- that are working
to "bury" the EMF health risks from public view or public understanding.
Just as they worked for decades to bury such public health hazards as
tobacco, lead, mercury, asbestos, and other toxic materials, to protect
superficial 'values' of the power structure ... that carry phony captions,
like:  "profits" ... "national defense" ... "political office" ... "international
trade" ... "economic development" ... and a host of other vested interests
which inexcusably place their needs and wants above public health or
the public's well being.......

Because such vested interests have the power of $$$$$$$$$, giving
them economic and political 'control' in most situations -- in the
courts, the legislatures, the offices of presidents or prime ministers,
the bureaucracies -- they can (for a time, but not indefinitely)
SUBVERT public policy to their own ends, their own selfish goal$$$$.....
I repeat: they can succeed for "a time" but not indefinitely.

Witness what is happening -- just recently -- across the globe ...
vis-a-vis tobacco, mercury, asbestos.......  The "settlement" and the
"litigation fund" that is being created in the U.S. on behalf of asbestos
claims (even as I am writing this) is noteworthy for the 'model' it is
establishing on behalf of victims of other toxic materials ... to be able
to recover "damages" in the future.

The day is coming when such justice will be there for victims of the
BLUE WORLD too.........!!!  Personal damages for 'wrongs' imposed
upon people by the wanton, unregulated actions of the "free market"
system are not the BEST solution for the problem........  But they are
"a beginning."   A beginning which recognizes that.............

.......Surely, "People ARE more important than profits!"  And, the likes
of General Electric, Motorola, Monsanto, Nokia, etc., must be prepared
to take "their place in the human race" and CONTRIBUTE -- not merely
because they are dragged "kicking and screaming"  -- to the promotion
and protection of human health.   The benefits and importance of
AVOIDANCE on behalf of the human risks involved with their products
will have to be acknowledged ... and REGULATED ... far more vigorously
than they now are!!!  And far more HONESTLY ... by our governments
and bureaucracies.  The levels of "exposure standards" allowed,
for example......  (As regular readers of EMF-L know, these are presently
'decided' by the vested interests.)

"Regulated" is a word the vested interests of the power structure
dearly HATE......   By having said it, I am certain to be "drummed out
of the ranks" -- "black balled" out of my long time Republican Party
affiliation ... of the "Main Street" variety.

In case you are wondering about the significance of that:  there are
no "Main Street" Republicans in Washington......  There, only the "Wall
Street" variety of Republicans are allowed.........  Many a good Main
Street Republican has never been seen again ... after we sent him
to Washington........   (e.g., Congressman Roy Blunt, of Missouri!!!!)

There is one word worse than "regulated" in the lexicon of Wall Street
Republicans, however.  That is the word "taxed."  My ... how they hate
to be taxed......!!!

Well -- you're right(!) -- who does???!!!

But that's not the point!!   The point is that -- by and large -- "THEY"
(the power structure with the vested interest and the vast lobbying
network floating freely on an ocean of $$$$$$$$) write the tax laws
(all 1.5 million pages, by one count) with uncounted numbers of
"loopholes" that benefit the corporate oligarchy......  THEY write
MOST of the laws on ANY subject ... which concerns THEM!!!

Such is REALITY in the lobbyist$$$$$$ "PR" driven milieu of Washington.....
Thus ... does it surprise you???  THEY somehow manage to come up
with versions of law and regulations that put THEIR interests first,
before the rest of the public.  They manifest no shame about that.
They consider it proper and appropriate.  'It is not my job,' one of
the prominent company 'scientists' said to me (in so many words)
at an EMF meeting, to 'look after' the public interest.  He was also
a major player in the "community of 'scientists'/engineers" that
controls the IEEE committee that decides upon the safety standards
for cell phones.  He was also an official of BEMS (the BioElectro-
Magnetic Society)........
We simply MUST NOT allow it to be forgotten or overlooked, that --
often through their "professional" organizations -- it is the vested
interests who now write the laws and regulations about "safety"
(or absence thereof) for their products, including EMF, cell phones,
power lines, etc......

That MUST be changed........!!!  (Even Wall Street has recently
recognized the evils of such a "self regulatory" system!!!  And, major
changes in the 'regulation' of America's financial community are
moving forward accompanied by a great deal of "public" and
governmental zeal at this time.)

You Name it -- Wall Street, insurance law, pharmaceuticals, auto
safety, EMF, ad infinitum.....   THE VESTED INTERESTS have been writing
their own rules........!!!  That's the way our "democracy" is NOT working.
It is called CONFLICT OF INTEREST ... and it is the fuel that consumes
and corrupts the governmental machinery of our "democracy" in
Washington these days.

And ... not all of the corporate friendly lobbyist$$$$$$ are Wall Street
Republicans, either.......   MANY OF THEM ARE DEMOCRATS.......!!!  And,
they find ALMOST as much "welcome" as the Wall Street Republicans,
in the halls of congress or the offices of the White House or the
bureaucracies..........  After all ... the "legal" campaign $$$$$$$$ can
flow just as readily in EITHER direction in Washington..........
In spite of what you may read to the contrary......  A MAJOR reason
why it has been so difficult to change our political campaign
contribution law$$$$$$ ... has been the COVERT resistance of many
DEMOCRATS ... who are happy with the system as it is.........

(BTW -- the legislation that HAS been successfully passed by the
Congress and signed by the President, though clearly inadequate
and now under review by a "corporate oligarchy" Supreme Court,
is being systematically disemboweled by the Federal Elections
Commission, the agency charged with the responsibility to
administer it!!!!!   No surprises there, either.)

Returning to the 'scientist' who boldly stated that 'it was not HIS job'
to worry about the consequences of EMF to the public:

He was right, of course.......  It is not his job.......  To 'look after' the
interests of society.........   It is OUR job.........

But, his implicit admission that it was 'his job' to pursue the interests
of his company ... means that "we" (our society) have blithely TURNED
OVER the regulation of one of the _most ubiquitous, most dangerous,
most toxic and most invisible_ industrial and governmental products
of our world ... to the those who have a vested interest in minimizing
the realities ... about the risks those products present to the human

I say again:  THAT MUST BE CHANGED.........!!!

So ... yes, you HAVE heard it all before from me ... and I do apologize.

But.....  You are not going to "hear" it again..........   I now close the
EMF-L list ... for good.........

In this, my last message to my thousands of readers, past and present:

I urge you ... please remember ... THE problem is NOT the science.........

...........If the exponentially growing "BLUE WORLD" menace is to be
taken under control by the 'people' of the world before it does HUGE
and perhaps irreparable damage (to our genes, for one), the corrupted
political (regulatory) machinery ... that is now so utterly responsive
to the "special interest$$$$$$$" ... must be changed......

AND ... only YOU can change it..........

                                                   ..........PERICLES (430 B.C.)


(I intend to leave the guru's website on the internet until December.)

(Oh, BTW, I forward below a brief exchange I recently had with one
of you.......  It may be of broader, general interest.)

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)                                   

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness........


All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
                            ..........Edmund Burke



As you have been on the EMF-L list for quite some time, I find it difficult
to say much more than what you have already heard ... many times.........

"I" would stress the _uncertainties_ about the long term consequences of
the PROVED biological effects of human cell exposure to RF/MW radiation......

No doubt, the "other side" will try to argue "not proved."  But, I would
not let them get away with that........  It is the CONSEQUENCES of the
bioeffects that are not known (particularly "long term").......  The fact
that science has established the bioeffects -- the interaction of
electromagnetic radiation with human cells and neurological/endocrine
systems -- cannot 'honestly' be denied anymore.........  Much of that
you already know ... from EMF-L.......   Going, in fact, all the way
back to Becker.

"I" would also try to "enlighten" the audience about the DEEP and BIASED
record of _conflict of interest_ by many of the scientists as well as
the government on this issue........  When one lists the independent
scientists involved in this research versus those who are paid by the
government or by one of the industry corporations ... the odds are often
on the order of a one against a hundred.........  That also impacts the ease
of "propagandizing" the PR which gets to the public ... by industry
and the government.......

The parallel historical experiences are legion:  lead, tobacco,
asbestos, the long slow and difficult road we traveled to get
the truth out about the acid rain and smog pollutants, etc.......
Quite recently, the government has had to give up and admit the
toxicity problems with mercury!!!

I would NOT let the audience walk out of that meeting thinking that
we can rely upon our government to protect OUR interests in matters
like this........   It is not unusual for the government to be the MOST
BIASED party of all in these disagreements.........

As you know, Brad, I regard the political and "PR" aspects of these
situations as more critical than the science -- at this time........

You can do it!!!!

Cordially,     Roy         (P.S.  I intend to soon end EMF-L........)

"Dr. Weeks" wrote:
> Hi Roy,
> I am giving a public talk this THURSDAY on this SBX  threat proposed near
> our community.
> Can you help me argue against it being placed in the port of the city of
> Everett WA?
> see
> Thanks for helping out.
> Hope you and those you love are well.
> Brad
> Bradford S. Weeks, M.D.
> The Weeks Clinic
> fax (deleted)

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)         WEBSITE --

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.....

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men
to do  nothing.....     .......Edmund Burke (1729-1797)



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