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Indirect funding to avoid appearance of Conflict of Interest


1 September 2000
23 September 2000

///......This message forwards a series of exchanges on EMF-L that were pursuing the question of the origin and funding of the ICNIRP..... As regular readers of EMF-L are aware, the (quasi-governmental) ICNIRP possesses inordinate power in the process of setting EMF standards to protect public health.... It is an organization that is comprised of the professionals who are employed by the vested interest industries....... In most cases, the governments that are relying on the expertise of the ICNIRP are not aware of its clear and certain conflict of interest role..... It has no responsibility, loyalty or commitmant of any kind to any public anywhere...... Its members are answerable ONLY to their

Hi everybody:

Alain Jossart makes an important point below -- when he observes that the "science" community (and others) regard themselves as free from conflict of interest when the funding is done by some indirect method (rather than direct transfer of the cash to the scientist or his institution)......

It is TERRIBLY important to understand that -- to be aware of it when protestations of "innocence" are offered ... and (most important) -- to recognize the various guises under which that, patently unethical, practice occurs......!!!

In the U.S., it is frequently done through such innocent sounding organizations as the National Cancer Institute ... or even the university endowment system......

The point is: the $$$$$$ originate with the vested interest -- no matter what the circuitous path they take to the ultimate science researcher or research project!!! And ... the researcher knows where the funding originated..... Or, he knows of, for example, General Electric's generous record of contributions to his university's (research) endowment fund......

When the funding is done by the government, there is often very little difference. Worse, government funding may be "linked" to funding by the very industry having the obvious conflict of interest...... That was a part of the scandalous EMF RAPID Research Project -- for those of you who remember that project......!!!

Many of you also know that guru has been "ranting and raving" about this issue since he saw it, first hand, in that RAPID Project...... "We must have Independent research!!!" has been my theme since at least the midway point in that RAPID process...... The archives of EMF-L, I believe, will bear that out...... (See also, the "Conflicts" file in guru's website.)

I am absolutely convinced of the essential corrupting role that this issue plays within the whole EMF saga........ And, it is a problem endemic to MANY other such controversial public health and environmental issues in the U.S. today.......

Science (and most scientists, individually) know of this problem.....!! With but a few exceptions, they are unwilling to try and deal with it.......!!!

In my many visits with the EMF scientists, I often raise the issue..... The answer I hear most often (And it P.O.s me the most!!!) is: "Oh that's political..... I am not political..... I am a scientist. I don't (lower myself) to engage in such matters......."

What a convenient cop-out!!!! And, of course, it means that he/she can continue to ride "the gravy train" too........

Guru says: If science, itself, will not demand a change in "the system," IT WILL NEVER BE CHANGED.......

As Alain comments below, it is a matter of "ethics" that are being ignored as well......

Alain: It is my "finding" within my experience in this matter that -- any consideration of "ethics" has been totally eradicated from the political/scientific culture in the U.S. today....... $$$$$$$ have taken over.......

I ask those legislators who are in the process of drafting or sponsoring EMF-research legislation ... to seriously consider what is written above.....

OUR NEED IS FOR INDEPENDENT research.... .....Not another of the typical governmental research projects that throw $$$$$$$$ out to your favorite RICH health bureaucracy......


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness..

People are more important than profit$$

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Subject: Re: Constitution of ICNIRP -- who created it?? (Gaigg)(Ross)...
Date: Fri, 01 Sep 2000 07:04:34 +0200
From: Alain Jossart


Mr Repacholi was asked publicly about the evidence the industry funded his hospital. It was by Eva Marsalek during the European Parliament Conference of June 2000...

If I remember well, Mr Repacholi commented [that] some international organizations cannot be funded DIRECTLY by the industry, so his hospital was involved in a procedure to get around this limitation.

He insisted all this is LEGAL ( didn't say MORAL ), ... the money was for research and study projects. What he did not explain however is the ethical difference between projects funded directy and indirectly. It seems organizations as the WHO have two faces : their constitutive act stating public health research cannot be endangered [contaminated] by 'profit' association funds... and the modern methods of legalist technocrats. The evidence shows this technocracy (EC, WHO, industry) is living in a different universe than populations [thepublic].


At 11:08 30/8/2000 -0500, Roy Beavers wrote:

Yes, Randy...... I believe that (below) is the same info as contained in our other posting this


I believe there is MUCH more to be known about the origins and funding of that organization than what one reads in the official press releases........ I also believe there is much more to be known about Mike Repacholi's employment

Randy N Ross wrote:

This is taken from their [ICNIRP] web site

" In 1974 the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) (a nongovernmental organization in official relations with WHO) initiated activities concerned with non-ionizing radiation by forming a working group which, in 1977, became the International Non-Ionizing Radiation Committee (INIRC).

In the late 1980s the Association and Committee members discussed the advisability of the Committee becoming a separate organization in view of the increasing number and importance of issues related to NIR protection and standards. These discussions led, in 1992, to the Committee being chartered to continue its work as the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection."

I suggest that you email them directly for information on funding.

Roy Beavers wrote:

...............From EMF-L............

The truth about the origin (and funding$$$$!!!) of the ICNIRP needs to be "lighted up" by the EMF-L candle......... Please contribute your answer if you know

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Subject: Constitution of ICNIRP
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 12:12:11 +0200
From: "Leopoldine Gaigg"
To: "roy beavers"

Dear Mr. BeaversYesterday I have been asked about the founding and constitution of ICNIRP. Are there informations about, who founded it (and when) and what are the names and professions of the members. Where can we get these informations or who can help us to get them?Thank you very muchWith best regardsLeopoldine

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