Conflicts of Interest in Science

........A recurring theme in the guru's experience with the EMF issue is the problem of: how easily industry and its vested interest "partner" - government - can influence the research process on the EMF matter. They can! They have! And, they do! That will be disputed, of course, by some. But not -- I think -- by very many of those persons (including many scientists) who have endured this EMF struggle, from a tight-in insider view, over a substantial period of time. The "influence" is likely to be subtle. One is not dealing here with "bribery" in the traditional sense of that word. But there are many forms of "inducement" -- ranging from expense paid "trips", consulting or expert witness assignments, endowments to the research lab or college, "the promise or prospect of research funding" (often in the million$$$$); and, of course, future employment.... In addition, there are powerful "shared cultural values" about the desirability and certainty of our "new technology world" ... which can produce a common basis of scientific ideology or "groupthink" perspective when conducting the research and "weighing" the evidence..... The public is not a part of all those influences, which tend to "unite" the vested interests and the researchers on the "inside" -- while "the public" remains on the outside. It is "the public interest" which often suffers as a consequence.... This file will address that "conflict of interest" issue in all its


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