This file contains messages and documents which relate to U.S. federal and state laws and/or legal aspects of the EMF issue, including litigation cases.....

EMR Complaint for Damages: 10 Aug, 01

Decision of Austrian High Court: 22 Jul, 01

New Legal Tack on Public Hazardous Materials: 22 Jul, 01

Angelos 'Class Action' Cell Phone Lawsuit: 27 Apr, 01

Town Can Reject Cell Phone Towers: 22 Feb, 01

Supreme Court Avoids Tower Dispute: 7 Nov, 00

Rendering Unto Caesar: 23 Aug, 00

German Government Statement: 21 Jun, 00

Convention for the Protection of Human Rights: 20 Jun, 00

Cell Tower in Maine Defeated: 25 May, 00

Colorado Resolution Against FCC Preemption (Carney): 29 Apr, 00

Colorado Legislature's Resolution Against FCC: 27 Apr, 00

AHA is Appealing Fed Court Ruling: 25 Mar, 00

Another Fed Court Ruling on 1996 Telecom Act: 20 Mar, 00

U.K. Bill is Offered to Reverse Loose Cellphone Mast Siting Rules: 9 Mar, 00

U.K. Conservatives' Cell Phone Masts statement: 3 Mar, 00

The Virginia Beach Decision: 9 Feb, 00

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