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22 August 2001
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Hi everybody:

Alasdair sends us a short note (below) to say that -- in the UK -- "property devaluation" is an irrelevant issue.....

Well, Alasdair, then the question becomes:  Does the law in UK allow (require) appropriate compensation to be paid to the property owners for their loss in valuation???

This issue (already BIG in America) is destined to become gargantuan EVERYWHERE ... as the ubiquitous EMF/EMR BLUE WORLD engulfs our societies in the years ahead.......!!!!!

Then -- think about this!!!  The RULES governing this APPROPRIATION (call it by its real name) of property values ... are now being written by the oligarchy that controls virtually all of our "western democracies." By and large ... that means: the very industries and corporations that are doing the appropriating are also doing the regulating!!!!!!

The 'appropriators' are writing the rules.

A case in point was brought to my attention by Hans Karow of Canada yesterday.

In British Columbia, Canada, where Hans lives, the Public Service Commission that regulates the placement (siting) of new power lines ... has decreed that "there is no EMF health hazard" from power lines ... and in the future they will not allow that issue to be raised........!!!

Earlier, Hans had told me how that commission carefully obtained all the scientific evidence they could on the subject....!!!  One of the major authorities he mentioned that the commission routinely cited as a source of its education on the EMF subject ... is the excellent EMF source publication, MICROWAVE NEWS.....

Evidently, they since have chosen to ignore MWN!!  MICROWAVE NEWS certainly has not been providing ammunition for their "no hazard" pronouncement.  The most recent edition, for example, is headlined on its front page with an excellent write-up about "The IARC Finds ELF EMFs Are Possible Carcinogens." [IARC = International Agency for Research on Cancer]

Surely -- the PSC in British Columbia did not miss that headlined story!!! [Nor can the PSC in British Columbia -- or elewhere -- claim to be unaware of the stand that has been taken by the PSC funded study in California!! That is the next item in this file.]

Surely -- the PSC does not regard the IARC as an institution whose warning should be ignored!!!

Clearly -- the answer that explains their rationale (for "whitewashing" the EMF risks) has nothing to do with science.

Clearly -- it has nothing to do with proper compensation to property owners.

Clearly -- it has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that such regulatory bodies (in the U.S. as well as in the U.K. and Canada) are part and parcel of the same oligarchy that also controls the parliaments and congresses of virtually every "western democracy" ... and who see their duty in terms of protecting the vested interests of their patrons, the BIG $$$$$$$ corporations, rather than the LIVES OR PROPERTY OF THE PEOPLE......

The 'appropriators' are writing the rules -- a condition that society should
find most objectionable.....


ROY BEAVERS (EMFguru)           [A "Main Street" Republican]

"My theory used to be that we get the government we deserve.  Bad as we are, though, I don't think we are THAT bad.  Right now.  I'm taking a long look at the notion that God hates us......"       Mark Twain

Alasdair Philips wrote:

Interestingly, in the UK Planning System property devaluation is excluded from consideration by law "otherwise virtually nobody would be allowed to build anything anywhere" as most (but maybe not all) new building/constructions do devalue neighbouring property values.

The legality of developments have to be defined by other means than property values in the UK. Historic conservation areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty do have special planning status and antennas in those areas have to be better hidden (but are still allowed).

There have been a few cases where masts were so unreasonably close to houses that they were turned down or later moved, but that is rare.

Good wishes
    Alasdair Philips,   BSc(Eng), DAgE, MIAgE
  Powerwatch Consultants, (aphilips@gn.apc.org)
   EMC Engineer and EMF-bioeffects researcher

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Thanks to Jan for this!!!  We get many questions about this..........guru.......

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Subject: two property devaluation sites
Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 06:37:20 -0400
From: JNewton at EMRNetwork <JNewton@emrnetwork.org>
To: guru@emfguru.com

Two good property devaluation web sites:


MAI appraiser cites Appraiser Journal & Institute as source for info. that cell towers act as an "external obsolescence" which will devalue residential property. This site is minutes from the Vernon Township Board of Adjustment hearing of August 29, 2000. First site I have seen that uses facts and figures showing just how much devaluation can occur.


Lawyers Weekly USA, The National Newsletter for Small Firm Lawyers "Towns can Reject Cellular Towers" April 16, 2001 - Details aesthetic basis for rejecting towers, property values mentioned. Cite number - 2001 LWUSA 289

Both of these articles were accessed using   <www.google.com>

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