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25 February 2001

There are two messages here.  Both originated by Mrs. Gail Hanscom.  Together, they document an example of what the power lines (ELF) stray voltage, ground current, wiring problems can be like.

I have selected this example because it is so well written and thoroughly descriptive.  It should be seen as one example.  Your situation is likely to be different.  But this case will give you a good idea of the complexity and some of the other ramifications of the Blue World (ELF) problem....

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Subject: Home (rural) ELF wiring problems (Hanscom)..
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 05:43:50 -0600
From: Roy Beavers <guru@emfguru.com>
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...........From EMF-L........

Folks, I don't think we have EVER had a better description (and analysis) of the kind of ELF 'wiring problems' that can occur in a residential home than you will read below.  It provides a really good picture of what the Blue World can be like when improper grounding and wiring -- by the power company or in the home, itself -- creates muliple flow ground currents and magnetic fields.

It will require the opinion of some of our expert wiring people to judge how accurately Gail has analyzed the problem below -- but she has done a better job than I could have ... and she has done a beautiful job of writing it up, too.........guru.......

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Subject: grounding sequence in emf problems
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 20:37:46 -0700
From: "gailhanscom" <gailhanscom@netzero.net>
To: <roy@emfguru.com>

Thanks to some research on emfguru and locally, I now have a grounding sequence all the way from inside our house to the substation, related to the neutral from the power company.  This sequence, or parts thereof, should apply to almost any emf pollution, with special benefit in rural areas, and will, hopefully, provide a fairly simple and generalizeable pathway for deciphering the legal side of liability...

1.    Inside the house we had plastic water pipes, on which the plastic gas pipes depend for bond, which were not grounded back through the breaker box per NEC code.  Plastic is permeable to fields (and we had fields especially in the gas lines) and is a non-conductor, so that any stray electricity inside those pipes comes right on through - into the yard, the shower, etc.  Di-electrics do not stop the millivolts and milliamps, we are told.

2.    We had extra ground rods installed by our Cable TV company and by USWEST/QWEST which violated at least state code for one and only one outlet, to prevent alternate pathways and stray currents between ground rods.  Also, ground rods closer together than 5-6 feet affect fields, causing overalapping, induction and "convolution".

3.    From the house to the 220 pedestal, we had a derated neutral from our power company, which is known since 1989-92 in EPRI seminars to cause a loss of per cent of return to system and an increase in field potential on all five metal outlets of a house, when an adjoining house on the same pedestal uses as little as a 1200w hairdryer.  Derated neutrals are standard installation for buried service (and some overhead service) all over the nation, as power companies have chosen to ignore the warning from EPRI that they be discontinued and NEC code be changed.  One engineer locally helped write the math (not that hard) to prove it was the neutral which was failing.  Our derated neutral was replaced 21/2 years ago, three days after we requested it citing the EPRI workshops.  Cathodic engineers know that all it takes to start a stray current is a derated neutral next to a buried fuel tank;  the mass of stray currents loose in the ground parallel historically the beginning of the use of the derated neutrals.  Derated neutrals have been only in residential use until now, but they are starting to be used commercially.

4.    The replacement wire we received from PNM in place of the derated neutral was three equal conductors, but it was sloppily installed.  There was failure to tape the wires close enough together and the wire was too long, resulting in "spaghetti coils" in our yard which emitted 100mG fields (averaged, on TriField) into the air above the sand and invaded the other two wire utilities.  Copper sulfate reference grounding with coper sulfate anodes on long leads (to study ambient field) proved that as little as 6 gallons of irrigation water pulled currents off the pedestal onto our property.  Direct buried wires are known by EPRI to generate more fields than other installations.  PNM came out again and rectified their wire to our house so that 1 milligauss or less is now above the soil at the entrance to the house, which is the figure we discussed as being litigated around the country.  Improvements in phone and cable are parallel.

5.    The 7200v loop wire for our street was found to have been installed on our private property rather than in the city easement, and PNM has agreed to move that wire also.  Fields above the 7200v wire are usually 3mG waist high, though they rise to 7-8 during suppertime or other heavy use on the line. Millivolts can also be read in the air on a digital multimeter;  a local forensic engineer said that showed PNM "was not grounded", allowing pathways of stray voltage to be read on top of buried wires, without the need for a locator device.  Increased voltages and amperages parallel the field readings, and the amperages are actually the easiest way to track the stray voltage pathways, right in the air, like the millivolts.  We easily showed a background of .01A (appropriate for the seizures which killed our dog) or .02A (my fibrillation), rising to .09 with watering the lawn, or .29 after surges, with .005 in a circuit known to be lethal (compare also Dr. Dahlberg's comment that the earth is one pole of a battery, and the barefooted homeowner who received so many shocks - we wear rubber and  magnets to go out in our yard).

6.    The 7200v wire is bonded into the 220 derated wires at the transformers, which, in turn, are bonded into the other wire utilities. This means, as PNM is "naked to the substation" without suppression of any kind, that every surge (every time they change phase) has a wire pathway (with loss of per cent of return at least on the low voltage side) all the way back to my ac meter and out my grounding system (emfguru).  Indeed, we have tracked fields migrating along ground wires in from the ac meter, in the ground wire to the furnace/water pipes, out the ground wire to the ground rods, and into the other wire utilities (TriField).  Equipment malfunction and loss are easy to tie to these readings;  health (esp. via voltages through heart, brain, etc. on multimeter) are equally easy to find.  Heavy magnetic shielding (cow magnets, ferrous) show that when the fields (and stray currents generated by the fields) go down, the machines and the people recover.  .  Per emfguru, this bond is not required by NEC or NESC, and can be disconnected (indeed has already been demonstrated to be of benefit if disconnected).  If moving the 7200v wire does not quiet our house, we will ask PNM to begin disconnecting the optional bond.

7.    Substations also malfunction; for a while we had meg ohms apparently related to phase imbalances.  The local cable tv could not protect their equipment from damage when the "naked" substation adjacent hiccupped.  Substation problems in our neighborhood are a matter of repair records at Cable TV.So, what we have here, from the tiniest code violation inside our house to the largest power variations from the substation, is a trail of grounding code and wires.  Finally there is no missing piece in the series, and the currents can be shown in the street, coming onto private property, entering all utilities inside the house, and entering body tissues.  When currents and fields from the street go way down, fields from other equipment in the house goes way down, showing clearly that not all problems with emf collecting inside the house are what they seem. I would think we've done about enough to move this thing legally for a lot of people (please do correct and advance us also where we have overlooked).  Local advice here was a class action starting in Sandoval County, NM and spreading out nationwide.  We only need twenty people to begin to make things feasible financially.  We're sharing and asking.  I'll be glad to coach others how to measure and document.  We've done well enough to get the utilities to listen and do as we ask.  Are others ready to come with us? Thank you, Roy (and all who have helped), for letting me talk to you and yours...and for having the remaining pieces ready and waiting for me and mine.


Home wiring problems, (Part Two) tracking the grounding system

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Subject: Tracking the grounding system (Hanscom)..
Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 06:07:41 -0600
From: Roy Beavers <guru@emfguru.com>
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............From EMF-L..........

This forwards a follow-on to Gail Hanscom's earlier Magnum Opus about home wiring problems.....  It is a further analysis of some of the ramifications of what this electromagentic radiation Blue World means to all of us ... if we ignore what is happening..........

Some of you are likely to want to discuss this with Gail further -- please send your responses direct to her, with "cc" to guru.......

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Subject: tracking the grounding system
Date: Sat, 24 Feb 2001 20:48:08 -0700
From: "gailhanscom" <gailhanscom@netzero.net>
To: <roy@emfguru.com>

There has been a lot of conceptual movement here which should benefit others in planning how to get help with their emf and stray voltage issues... please refer those interested in going with us... I'll build the pathway in order... most of what we have had  is national in scope...

I.    We had a lack of NEC code grounding inside the house on water pipes, on which the gas pipes depend... both sets of pipes are plastic and fully permeable to fields... the amount of ferrous shielding (cow magnets, one each square black and round silver, perhaps 10,000G each) to control stray currents from the 7200v wire in our yard was 50 over the switch which runs the burner in the furnace and 50 on the water heater... since about 22 cow magnets reduce measured TriField milligauss from 100 to between 4 and 7, we may well have been experiencing as high as 200 mG fields on the furnace, with concommitant stray dc currents... 100 mG was remembered as safe and normal for gas lines by Dick Knight... medically this level was atrial fibrillation for me and seizures in our dog, clearing at 0.5-40 hz (brainwaves)...

II.    We had extra (non NEC code) ground rods at the wall of the garage belonging to CableOne (their standard practice) and USWEST (when conditions are such that USWEST goes out of code") which provided alternate pathways and contributed to machine problems... we also had less than optimum dielectrics with both communications utilities, which they corrected when asked... cow magnets needed were an additional 200/200 placed on the main electrical equipment in the house (dryer, washer, stove, kitchen hood, dishwasher, refrigerator (we lost one of those before we got enough), and freezer... medically this level  was more spine for me (90% clean now, even after whiplash in the atlas area) and benign fatty cell tumors for the dog, along with diarrhea and green stool, clearing at 50 hz (chiropractic)...

III.    Between the house and the street, we originally had a buried derated neutral (loss of percent of return to system, activated by as little as 1200w usage in any house on the pedestal with us, per EPRI, with Dick Knight having done the math to prove the role of the neutral)... potentials on all five metal outlets of each house are affected, going into the ground, changing copper water pipes to cheese in 3-5 years, etc...PNM replaced our derated neutral 21/2 years ago with a sloppy installation (not properly taped together, spaghetti coils buried and generating milligauss fields up to 100 right up out of the sand)... last month PNM redid their three equal wires to our house, taping every 21-22 inches and making a very straight trench...milligauss dropped on meter immediately by 75-80%, but problems recurred in phones and tv when suppertime usage went up... this also falls within the now 250/250 cow magnets as above... I think the dog's tumors are softening and they seem to be smaller some days... my spinal exercise repeats have doubled from 25-50.. I am beginning to isolate the scm muscle and the circle of Willis, as well as to heal some of the loss of vision from the whiplash...neodymium medial magnets are helping to stabilize carotids and vertebral arteries, especially a neckband... ruta, arnica and TrauMed are the homeopathics... this is where the industrial sanitation engineer in Dallas fits in (PNM understands this one and is afraid)...

IV.   As we move to the common trench at the street, we just found PNM on our private property rather than in the city easement, i.e. 11 feet from the curb instead of 8-81/2... Bob Swartwout, a local engineer, says we can make PNM move their wire... what this will also probably do is force their wire to a more true north-south orientation (compasses in our house began to deflect 5-7 degrees ten years ago during surges, i.e. a "convoluted" field?)... we will also ask CableOne and USWEST to rectify their installations at the same time, to make sure proper separation by soil between wires is maintained...our local service is all direct-buried, which tends to generate more fields (EPRI), but at least following the formula for spacing will help... cow magnets from here will probably be another 35-50 each black/silver... red incandescent is now 125w x24hrs to hold as we work our way down (an infared line quiets the medical response to moving power, especially as used with full-spectrum fluorescents which keep field readings low on meter)... nausea is beginning to replace the strongest visual and circulatory symptoms...

V.    In checking the information at emfguru, I found several references which are important next...

A.    First, there is a metallic bond between the primary distribution system (7200v wire) and the secondary system (440v transformers) which is not required by code (NESC, NEC), but which provides an alternate pathway from the 7200v wire right back into our ac breaker box (Dahlberg)... if we also have a bonding screw which allows access to our grounding system (we are triple bonded, to ac meter, furnace/water heater/pipes, and yard ground rods - and a local PE knows that stuff is going through the meters and out into the grounding system), then that 7200v has access directly to our house and yard... PNM is "naked to the substation", relying on "random distribution" to prevent loss of equipment to customers, so there might be quite a few interested people for this one... medically we continue to roll back, cow magnets continue to increase, and red goes down 25w at a time...we would ask PNM to disconnect their metallic bonds near us, after they finish replacing the trench... a 43 square mile area in Michigan provides precedent for removal of those extra bonds in the distribution system...this is where the copper sulfate reference rod/copper sulfate anodes come in, as we can show movement of PNM's ambient field via millivolts onto our property with as little as six gallons of irrigation water... cathodic engineers deal with these kinds of dc currents...

B.    Second, there was a reference (Understanding Ground Currents) which spoke to the  installation of a net current device to control remaining ground currents from magnetic  generation...zinc(?) rods control currents sacrificially (Bob Garlinger, cathodic engineer locally)... we presently meter 20-29v ac sine wave, averaged 45-450Hz on CenTech, at the surface of soil over our grounding system... so, I think we'll need to discuss that with PNM... after all, it was a shock in the grass (around my heart, doubling heart rate for 11/2 hours, nausea, visual disturbance -as well as the dogs staggering and foaming when hit- which has caused us to not be able to use our back yard for seven years now)... and the same meter readings we have are in the sod and the little elementary school 25 feet from our boundary... safety and survey engineers locally know that current in the ground can energize the window of a meter, knocking men to their knees, even where buried wires are not yet installed... Dahlberg (Understanding Ground Currents, 11 Jan 2000) says "alternating current in the ground sets up alternating electric and magnetic fields.  These electric fields give rise to electrical potentials that can induce currents in living organisms in contact with the ground... Electric currents in living organisms, regardless of the mechanism that may produce them, are indistinguishable from one another"... Lucinda Grant in ESN quoted NIEHS as suggesting 20mv for tissue conductivity in normal people, less than 10mv in sensitive people... I metered 300mv plus or minus during PNM surges, around the heart, going through the brain... studies at CDC Atlanta going back about five years speak to the conductivity of the concrete slabs in houses, and to animal effects...

C.    Third, there was another reference which spoke to the involvement of high frequencies in generating stray currents (Dahlberg), as they also travel above the surface of the ground, like the ac ambient field... a local forensic engineer has recommended spectral analysis of harmonics to determine exact ownership and strength (TriField averages, so a given high frequency field as part of my 100mG reading may only be 2-3mG)... a story from the same engineer of the effects of same locally involves a woman in an electronic wheelchair, whose wiring "went wild" and jammed her into her refrigerator, breaking her leg... after she was released from the nursing home, the chair malfunctioned again and broke her leg a second time... this field of study is more technically known as emi and emc... I have referrals to two specialized engineers, with background in weapons...

D.    Fourth, a posting from the Stray Voltage Human Health Series, especially regarding the Gunner family, validates the danger of stray voltage to health, at levels well below the 50v ac commonly accepted as dangerous... the Lusty's talk about stray currents passing through body tissues, as we have metered here... there are quotes from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission hearings, published July 9, 2000... "a half a volt is far worse... than five volts... because five volts you'll find it... half a volt works... over time..."

E.    Dahlberg (Understanding Ground Currents) speaks to the design of distribution systems, especially the condition of the earth as one pole in a very large battery.... "An assumption has been made, in the design of the electrical distribution system, that the system creates a constant electrical potential on the earth's surface.... This is called an equipotential plane in the dairy industry... Using that assumption, all living organisms are living on an equipotential plane, connected to the neutral of the electric distribution system... The stray voltage problems in the dairy industry, however, have shown that when the neutral of the distribution system is connected to the earth, the earth is neither a plane of constant electrical potential nor an electrically safe place to be... lightning or a fault in a distribution line can kill animals if they hapen to be in the path of the electric current in the ground...the equipotential plane is a good conductor which attracts a greater percentage of the ground currents, causes the cows to be exposed to greater continuous currents, and frequently increases stray voltage effects"... speaking to our situation here...unequal potential due to sandy soil, changes in moisture, ion bonds among buried utilities, etc. allowed us to be shocked inside the house and in the yard before we took any defensive measures... equalizing potentials inside the house (grounding, drainage, magnetic shielding) has zeroed out all meter readings except water pipes inside the house, and stopped shocks inside the house...we may or may not have attracted more outside...meter readings up and down the entire 7200v loop (and in an adjoining subdivision) are pretty constant...

F.    Property devaluation can occur from emf problems (Beuler)...we don't have anything other houses near us don't have, but we probably have to declare when we sell...

VI.    Searchng Google (Stanford) yielded quite a few leads:

A.    Stray voltage mitigation - 422 hits

esp. Untitled...to constant and intermittent currents below 6mA...(I directly metered about 5mA coming out of the overflow of the sprinklers in the back yard;  it gave me a shock and a feeling of recognition that I had encountered it before)... 5mA in a circuit (radio in bathtub) is lethal...even with properly installed di-electrics in pipes, you can't get rid of the milliamps without magnetic shielding (Rupert Plumbing locally)

B.    Stray voltage litigation - 284 hits

C.    Power line litigation - 267,000 hits

So, there remains quite a bit of work which we can continue to request from our power and communications companies...or we can ask them to help us move to a more medically appropriate location without the heavy stray voltage and equipment problems..as we work our way medically through the next steps, cow magnets will rise (a large clump of them meters as low as 0.6 mG on TriField) and red incandescent lighting will decrease...iron is the metal most helpful metabolically (see Cogshill link through emfinterface, not the copper grounding grid so often recommended - iron (magnetite, cow magnets, neodymium) is sane, copper associates with bi-polar disorder, and is toxic for me in frequency as well as ingestion) until we are finally stable and portable...

Thanks to all of you for helping Tom and me as we continue with engineers and approach lawyers... I finally have a good feeling aboutthis thing... please feed back to us if you catch something we have overlooked...

Gail Hanscomgailhanscom@hotmail.comgailhanscom@netzero.net

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