The 'Vienna Statement' (October 1998) refutes Moulder..


12 February 2000

Guru's note, February 12, 2000:

I have revived the message below because of a question we recently received about John Moulder (and his website).   Is he a truly independent scientist or is he an industry-lackey?? That question caused me to go in search of the following message (found it in our archives, quickly ... used Vienna" to search) posted in October 1998.

It totally refutes the whole of Moulder's website.....  Moulder, apparently,  does not recognize such information as the Vienna Statement as being legitimate to the issue.....  He narrowly defines the "science" he will recognize as that which has been peer reviewed and replicated. (And, clearly he chooses to ignore the epidemiology.)

That may be a good standard for deciding such scientific questions as the "big bang" theory, but it is a totally unsuited standard for matters having to do with risks to public health -- where "the science" is in the gray-area of uncertainties for decades..... Meanwhile ... people are dying......  As in the tobacco or lead cases....

Moreover, there is little justification for Moulder to totally ignore the list of genuine active scientific EMF researchers listed below!!! (Moulder is not an active researcher himself.....!!)

The kind of work that came out of the October 1998 Vienna Workshop is the stuff ALL of us (including our governments) should be paying attention to.....!!!.....//


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

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Subject:  RF electromagnetic fields, "bio-effects are scientifically , established"....
Date:     Thu, 29 Oct 1998 202336 -0600 (CST)
From:     "Roy L. Beavers"
To:       emfguru

Hi everybody:

Stewart Fist has forwarded quite an interesting document below.....

"....biological effects from low-intensity [RF/MW] exposures are scientifically established."  The group that has published that statement includes a number of scientists we know; Carl Blackman, Henry Lai, Neil Cherry, Ted Litovitz, Kjell Hansson Mild.....  See below.

That statement is from a resolution coming out of the 'Mobile Phones and Health Symposium' recently concluded in Vienna, Austria....

Also note that this group issues a call for "public participation in the process."  Yes ... the PUBLIC HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW.... Have you heard that before???

Cheerio....(Thanks Stewart!!!)

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 11:54:34 +1100
From: Stewart Fist
Subject: Re: cellular phone/cancer connection

Here's a new statement from a group of (mainly) European researchers:


Mobile Phones and Health, Symposium,
October 25-28, 1998,
University of Vienna, Austria

Workshop on possible biological and health effects of RF electromagnetic fields

Vienna EMF-Resolution


The preferred terminology to used in public communication:
Instead of using the terms "athermal", "nonthermal" or "microthermal" effects, the term "low intensity biological effects" is more appropriate.


Preamble:  The participants agreed that biological effects from low-intensity exposures are scientifically established. However, the current state of scientific consensus is inadequate to derive reliable exposure standards. The existing evidence demands an increase in the research efforts on the possible health impact and on an adequate exposure and dose assessment.

Base stations: How could satisfactory Public Participation be ensured? The public should be given timely participation in the process. This should include information on technical and exposure data as well as information on the status of the health debate. Public participation in the decision (limits, siting, etc.) should be enabled.

Cellular phones: How could the situation of the users be improved? Technical data should be made available to the users to allow comparison with respect to EMF-exposure. In order to promote prudent usage, sufficient information on the health debate should be provided. This procedure should offer opportunities for the users to manage reduction in EMF-exposure. In addition, this process could stimulate further developments of low-intensity emission devices.

For Biomedical and Risk Research:

* Carl Blackman, Environmental Protection Agency, USA,

* Neil J. Cherry, Lincoln University, New Zealand,

* G. Käs, Bundeswehrhochschule Neubiberg, Deutschland

* Lebrecht von Klitzing, Universität Lübeck,

* Wolfgang Kromp, Inst. f. Risikoforschung,
Universität Wien,

* Michael Kundi, Inst. f. Umwelthygiene, Universität

* Henry Lai, University of Washington, USA,

* William Leiss, Queens University, Kanada,

* Theodore Litovitz, Catholic University of America,

* Kjell Hansson Mild, National Institute for Working
Life, Sweden,

* Wilhelm Mosgöller, Inst. f. Histologie u.
Embryologie, Universität

* Joachim Röschke, Psychiatrische Klinik, Universität
Mainz, Deutschland,

* Felix Schinner, Inst. f. Risikoforschung,
Universität Wien,

* Stanislaw Szmiegielski, Militärinstitut für Hygiene
und Epidemiologie,

* Luc Verschaeve, Div. of Energy and Environm.
Research, V.I.T.O., Mol.,

* Ulrich Warnke, Universität des Saarlandes,

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