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22 January 02

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Hi everybody:

Please allow me to offer one observation about the very interesting material that is forwarded below.........

The long ongoing machinations of the U.S. Air Force to delay, obfuscate and dissemble the legitimate obligation they have to protect the citizens that live within the radiation field of the PAVE PAWS radar site in Massachusetts ... remind me of a colorful character in one of Broadway's best known musical shows, Guys and Dolls..... (The movie version starred Frank Sinatra, Marlin Brando and Jean Simmons.)

Do you remember Big Julie?  He was the neanderthal-like Chicago gangster, hit man, with a reputation of being a ruthless killer.  He was visiting the lower East Side New Yorkers -- a bunch of small time thieves and gamblers -- who were always "on the make" for a moving crap game.  The most popular moving crap (dice) game was run by Frank Sinatra's character, Nathan Detroit.  The story reached its climax in one of those crap games.  It had come Big Julie's turn to roll the dice.........

Big Julie had succeeded in so totally intimidating the New Yorkers that he was able to introduce them to his own very special pair of dice.  They were invisible, he said. No-one but he, himself, could see them.   Then, he would hold them tightly to his chest -- and with a grandiose, exaggerated sweep of his arms -- toss them out into the game.

Of course, because the dice were invisible, no other player could see the spots to tell what the roll had been...... Much less could anyone see the dice themselves......  But Big Julie assured them that he would tell them what the roll had been.......!!!!

That is what we are seeing in the history of the U.S. Air Force reassurances to the Massachusetts citizens who live near PAVE PAWS......

It is entirely an Air Force game.....  It is being played with their dice.....  According to their rules.....  Their funding and selection of the researchers......  Their interpretation of the spots on the dice.....  (The research.....)  Some of which the citizens are not allowed to see......

In style and rhetoric, the Air Force performance is grandiose in its gestures and publicity -- like Big Julie's exaggerated toss of the dice -- nevertheless, the bottom line is that outside, independent researchers have not been allowed!!!!

That is where the truth lies.......!!!!  And ... the "truth" will not be known until a totally independent group of scientists is permitted to study the problem.

To the present -- as you can see below -- what we have is a case of conflict of interest in its most naked form ... and the victims are U.S. citizens -- protected (supposedly) by the U. S. Constitution......

So, of course, like Big Julie, the Air Force ... somehow ... always wins.........


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.......

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing....
............Edmund Burke

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Shawn Murray has written an excellent letter laying out the history and controversy behind the PAVE PAWS missile defense radar installation on Cape Cod, Sandwich MA.

It is followed by two reports by Doreen Leggett.  All three pieces appeared in The Cape Cod Times last week.

January 02, 2002


To the Editor:

Is PAVE PAWS a cover-up akin to the Agent Orange cover-up?

I am writing as a Cape Codder to all Cape Cod residents. I have been involved in the process of seeking the truth about the PAVE PAWS installation and its effects on the health and well being of Cape Cod residents for 3 1/2 years. I have attended countless public forums, meetings and hearings. I have listened to expert testimony and have been up and down the political ladder from Beacon Hill to Capitol Hill.

What I wish to share is the insight I have garnered from this experience. To best give you perspective, I must refer to the case study of Agent Orange, a defoliant used in Vietnam in the late 1960s. An unknown number of U.S. troops were exposed to this toxic chemical and later suffered from various cancers (and their offspring with birth defects). For decades the U.S. Air Force denied that this chemical had any negative effect on American soldiers.

This case study details a cover-up of tragic consequences. It tells how a few members of Air Force management were blinded by their own agendas and steadfastly refused to admit the truth about a failed military policy. The case study shows a carefully orchestrated process of misuse of power. It details the withholding of funds to do proper independent studies, defamation of character and gag orders placed on those scientists who spoke publicly of their concerns. It details manipulation of the press, withholding of classified materials and bold face lies to the American public and their elected officials. Most tragically, it shows how these Air Force managers worked against protecting the soldiers who protect us.

When I read the Agent Orange expose I was stunned by the similarities regarding this cover-up and the one we now are dealing with regarding PAVE PAWS phased array radiation. Having been involved in the process of seeking the truth about PAVE PAWS, I can say that any intelligent person can but read the case study and insert the words PAVE PAWS wherever they see Agent Orange.

Some of the people involved in bringing help to the exposed Vietnam veterans include Sen. John Kerry and Dr. Richard Albanese. It took 14 years for a study of Agent Orange and birth defects written by Dr. Albanese to be released by Air Force management but only after a newspaper expose and an investigation by the Government Accounting Office. They helped bring out the truth for our soldiers and their families. We need to now fight to get to the truth about PAVE PAWS by
working with Kerry and Albanese.

The truth about PAVE PAWS special phased array microwave radiation and its effect on Cape Cod residents and American soldiers lies within a proper "time-domain" study. This involves the gathering of time-domain measurements of PAVE PAWS unique pulsed, phased array signal throughout the Cape Cod region and linking these measurements with laboratory and epidemiological studies.

1 believe the truth about PAVE PAWS lies within classified Air Force documents including the Electromagnetic Health and Safety Program (of which Albanese was the lead scientist) and the follow-up classified Ultra-Wideband Program. According to a letter from Brig. Gen. Pavlovich to Albert Price, chairman of the PAVE PAWS Public Health Steering Group, the Air Force will not fund such a (time domain) study of PAVE PAWS. Despite requests by Sen. Kennedy, Sandwich Health Agent David Mason and Cape Cod residents, no part of the EHS Program has been eclassified even though it may help in the protection of U.S. citizens health.

The Air Force recently declared it intends to do a small test using eight sights on Upper Cape Cod and extrapolate from that data. The results of such a test will leave a margin of error approaching 100 percent and leaves questions completely unanswered regarding the health of citizens or soldiers. Half measure tests like these are unacceptable.

Kennedy asked the Air Force to fund a study by the National Academy of Sciences to determine what effects, if any the PAVE PAWS installation may have had/is having on the citizens of Cape Cod. However, because the Air Force is funding the NAS, Air Force management has asked the NAS a different question, one that will not answer Kennedy's question. The NAS will not be gathering any original data. They will only be conducting a literature review of existing studies and unfortunately, only a small subset of the panel will have necessary clearance to review the EHS/UWB and other classified material. In effect, this will be a repeat of the NAS National Research Council study done 23 years ago that recommended to the Air Force that further research and surveillance of PAVE PAWS was needed This was never done or made public. It may take up to two years for the NRC to answer the wrong question posed by Air Force management. In the meantime PAVE PAWS will beam away 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We know today from several studies that Cape residents suffer inordinately high rates of cancers (childhood leukemia and central nervous system tumors). These include a 1991 study by Boston University and in 1997 by the Silent Spring Institute. It has been a difficult several years traversing the myriad of government hurdles and roadblocks. I am heartened however by the Agent Orange story, wherein a few dedicated politicians, some courageous government scientists and a small group of resilient citizens would not give up until the truth finally came out. Likewise on Cape Cod, a few dedicated politicians like State Rep. Matt Patrick, courageous scientists like Albanese and a group of citizens who will not give up until the truth about PAVE PAWS is known.

As I write this article, a group of Cape Cod firefighters in conjunction with Boston and Suffolk Universities are going to do their own time-domain study of PAVE PAWS. They are taking matters into their own hands. They will not rely on a study by Air Force management, knowing that the Air Force is the owner of this installation and is currently seeking a major upgrade of the facility.

It is time that all Cape Cod residents exposed to this untested phased array radiation take matters into our own hands and personally write our senators and congressman, ask questions and stay informed. It is for our health and that of our children that make it imperative that we do so. Now is the time!

Shawn Murray


January 02, 2002

Physician will study PAVE PAWS impact on health


Dr. Richard Albanese, the military researcher who has spoken out about the possible dangers of PAVE PAWS, is expected to be on the Cape in early January to begin taking a close look at the radar station and its possible health effects.

The Air Force is flying the San Antonio-based medical doctor and radiation biologist in from Jan. 7 to 9, to begin work on a study of the facility, which monitors the sky for missiles, space junk and satellites.

It is Albanese s first trip to the site on Flat Rock Hill in Sandwich. Albanese said that he will meet with radar operators of PAVE PAWS as well as with Charles Kleekamp and James Tomlin of the Citizens Advisory Committee. He hopes to meet with Dr. Robert Knorr of the state department of public health, but that meeting has not been confirmed.

It is also unclear whether Albanese will be available for public questioning. Several residents have continually asked that Albanese be allowed to speak freely to the public because he has looked at phased array radar systems and believes that type of radar, in use at PAVE PAWS, has different effects than the Air Force has espoused.

Albanese has not said the facility is dangerous, but has often said that its affects on human health have not been studied and its operation is akin to a medical experiment.

Air Force officials disagree and say the facility has been studied and its effects are well within national safety standards.

Some believe that the unique phased array radar of PAVE PAWS doesn't cause damage by heating the cells, but that the continual barrage of waves from the radar may damage cell structure.

Sandwich resident Sharon Judge, who has asked the Air Force to do non-thermal studies, said that the facilities effects likely extend beyond the Upper Cape.

" I look at our cancer rates and the highest rates are farther down the Cape. I can't say right now whether or not PAVE PAWS is affecting those rates, " she said. The Air Force has agreed to the tests that Albanese and Judge have asked for - time domain measurements which look at the shape of the wave. Albanese will have some say in those tests, but not enough, said Sandwich Selectman Richard Judge.

" They are giving him minimal involvement, " he said.

Some members of the community are frustrated that the Air Force is taking those time domain measurements. They had wanted an independent body to do the testing. An independent PAVE PAWS public health steering group, made up predominately of local board of health members, was appointed to map out studies of the facility and choose consultants.

The group decided last month that since time domain measurements were a new technology, the Air Force should undertake the study. If the Air Force turned up questionable results then the group would call for an independent study.

That did not sit well with public health steering group member Matt Patrick. Next Tuesday, at the group's next scheduled meeting, Patrick is expected to ask his committee to reverse the decision it made last month. Patrick said the committee's decision to allow the Air Force to conduct the time domain measurements went against its own charter.

In the meantime, the Judges are trying to get more information about the classified Environmental Health and Safety report. No elected official has seen this document, said Sharon Judge, and she isn't allowed to see it. If the relevant information isn't declassified, she said, it won't be allowed in the environmental impact statement. And the federal government will be making a ruling on incomplete information, she said. Judge is concerned that the Air Force is moving ahead to close the environmental impact statement without the relevant independent studies. An approved environmental impact statement is needed before the Air Force can upgrade the facility.

" I am very frustrated as a member of this exposed community, " Sharon Judge said. " Our challenge is they have never tested this facility for 23 years and once they go ahead an invest the millions to upgrade and if it comes part of the missile defense system (it will be impossible to move.)

" It's not OK to just move ahead and upgrade it and just do the studies later, " she said.

Sharon Judge said that is the same scenario as in 1979. The National Research Council looked at the facility and said further research and surveillance needed to be done, she said.

" It has either never been done or it's classified, " said Judge. The council is again looking at the question.

It won't be Albanese s only trip to the area. As part of a time domain study that Suffolk University and Boston University plan to undertake, Albanese and Dr. Karl Oughston agreed to a public seminar in April which showcases their views, as well as the views of those who believe the only danger from PAVE PAWS would be from thermal effects.

Ron Cronin, a Sandwich resident and a Brookline firefighter, is setting up the Boston meeting and the study as part of his graduate course work at Suffolk. He and other graduate students intend to take time domain measurements from the fire houses on the Cape to paint a clearer picture of the facility's radar.

A small pilot survey Cronin and others conducted of Sandwich and Bourne residents showed that the majority of groups, including families with children, wanted the further study of the facility. The only group that didn't was single males in Bourne.

January 3, 2002 The Cape Codder

Cover-up allegations fuel PAVE PAWS investigation


A letter from an Air Force general, posted on the PAVE PAWS Web site, states that he is " unaware " of any peer-reviewed research that suggests the radar facility may have negative effects on people s health.

Several people, including Dr. Richard Albanese, a military researcher, say that statement by Brigadier Gen. J. Gregory Pavlovich is false.

" Air Force reporting on PAVE PAWS to your community is now extremely wide of the mark with respect to accuracy and completeness, " wrote Albanese in an e-mail from his home in San Antonio. He and a team of researchers work at the Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio and have called into question the safety of the PAVE PAWS installation.

Others find the general s statement particularly telling as word of the Ranch Hand study, which deals with Agent Orange and its aftereffects, travels through the community.

" When I read the Agent Orange expose I was stunned by the similarities regarding this cover-up and the one we are now dealing with regarding PAVE PAWS phased array, " wrote Shawn Murray, a Sandwich resident. " It details the withholding of funds to do proper independent studies, defamation of character and gag orders placed on those scientists who spoke publicly of their concerns. "

Lt. Col. Bruce Ruscio, working on PAVE PAWS issues for the military, said that both those characterizations are out of line. The research papers that Albanese and others refer to are not about PAVE PAWS, he said, but instead deal with low-level radio frequency energy and how it can disrupt human cells. Furthermore, some of those papers are on the PAVE PAWS Web site.

" The general is not purposely trying to mislead the public, " Ruscio said. " There is a difference between biological effects and adverse health effects. I think that needs to be clear. "

He also doesn't believe that the military s handling of either PAVE PAWS or the Ranch Hand study is a cover-up.

The Ranch Hand story was published at the close of 1998 in the San Diego Union-Tribune, but it has resurfaced across the nation and on Cape Cod in recent months.

Titled " Fatal flaws; How the military misled Vietnam veterans and their families about the health risks of Agent Orange, " it deals with Air Force suppression of the dangers of the compound and the changing of information to minimize harmful health effects.

Sandwich Selectman Richard Judge said that when he tells people about his concerns with PAVE PAWS and the Air Force s handling of the situation, they tend to slough it off. When he shows them the Ranch Hand study, it becomes very clear to them, he added.

" I'm a big Air Force supporter and it is hard for me to believe that people within that organization may have ulterior motives, that they may follow orders even though they are bad for the people that they are sworn to protect, " Judge said.

" If it is hard for me to accept that there may be some wrongdoing here; it is hard for other people to accept as well, " he said. " It's just not very believable until you read what happened with the Ranch Hand study. "

A six-month study by the Union-Tribune prompted the paper to write that the U.S. military s $200 million study of the health effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam War veterans " is so flawed that it is likely useless. "

Ruscio said that claim was rebutted. The lead scientist in the study, Dr. Joel Michalek, told Congress that the results were not downplayed and all reports were complete and correct.

Ruscio said the only issue was that " there were differences of opinion and interpretation of the results. "

The most serious charge the newspaper levels is that the study reports that revealed serious birth defects among children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange were withheld for years.

Some on the Cape draw a direct link between that charge and the Electromagnetic Health and Safety program for PAVE PAWS that Albanese has published, but it remains classified.

" If they showed there was no effect they would have been published to the public right away, " said Richard Judge.

The EHS program was designed with PAVE PAWS in mind and sets a risk level.

" At this time we surely feel that one volt per meter per nanosecond and faster pulses surely pose a biological and medical threat, " Albanese wrote. Whether PAVE PAWS has pulses in that category is unclear. Those measurements have not been taken, he said.

Some feel that those tests, called time domain measurements, would have been sidestepped by the Air Force, a charge that has been leveled for years by Sharon Judge. She claims the Air Force has refused to do the proper testing for more than 23 years.

Under pressure, she said, the Air Force has agreed to do time domain measurements, but instead of contracting them out to an independent firm, the military has chosen to do them.

Even Albanese, who is taking some measurements for the Air Force, doesn t feel comfortable with the situation. For one, he said, most of the current test plan was written at his insistence because the earlier one wouldn t have answered the health questions. Another issue is that he is taking some raw data, but is worried about the processing and censoring of that data.

Albanese is being flown in by the Air Force on Monday and will stay through Wednesday to start the study. On Tuesday at 8 a.m. he will be at a public meeting at the PAVE PAWS facility.

Ruscio said independent oversight in the form of local residents, such as Sandwich s Charles Kleekamp, and Albanese will satisfy any conflict of interest questions.

" I would contend that with that many eyes and observations of people involved, it will certainly be an honest look at PAVE PAWS, " he said.

Residents have again invoked the specter of Ranch Hand when it comes to an independent study. In Ranch Hand, the government ignored a National Academy of Sciences recommendation that the study be done by scientists outside the military, and a general changed the wording " a degree of concern is warranted " to the data were " reassuring. "

Air Force scientists drafted two major reports in 1984: one was withheld and the other altered. The one that was withheld dealt with reproductive health issues and discussed concerns with birth defects and infant deaths.

The second study had information about birth defects, cancer and many other medical conditions. The Air Force announced that it showed very little difference between the health of the veterans compared.

But the Union-Tribune said that is not what the scientists wrote. Reporter Clark Brooks said that Ranch Hand veterans, by a ratio of 5:1 were " less well " and that they reported significantly more birth defects among their children than did other veterans.

Although not classified, it appears some information on PAVE PAWS is also being withheld. Albanese said there are at least 14 articles, from several researchers, that back up the premise that PAVE PAWS is not safe. None of them have appeared on the Web site, and they are not classified, he said.

Ruscio said that there are articles that talk about non-thermal effects on the Web site, but if there are others he ll gladly post them.

" If they have the 14 articles I will get them and make them available, " he said. " If I miss something it is not on purpose. "

Albanese said there has been significant command pressure on him to be silent after he " legally and properly " informed the Massachusetts Department of Public Health that the available data being used to affirm PAVE PAWS safety were not PAVE PAWS radiation data.

" In PAVE PAWS there is the issue of whether classification regulations are being used to inappropriately deny the public information they need concerning their health, " Albanese wrote.

Albanese said that U.S. Rep. William Delahunt, D-Mass., is the only federal legislator who has spoken with him, but Delahunt does not have security clearance.

Richard Judge said the coming weeks are pivotal because there is still time for an independent review of the facility. But time is short, he said, because the Air Force is trying to get approval to upgrade its facility and once that is done, and if the Ballistic Defense Missile Organization moves in, it is unlikely those study results will ever be released.

" I'm not liking what I'm seeing, " he said. " Not at all. "

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