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12 November 1999

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Subject: A  Sick City Syndrome (SCS)? (Maisch)(Bowman)..

.....I very much appreciate Dr. Joe Bowman's submission below....

His comments, plus Nancy Wertheimer's work which follows, reinforce guru's original observation, to the effect that:  the ubiquitous presence of EMF in our environment today makes it difficult for epidemiological studies to achieve the higher risk factor results (which might be more persuasive to the "doubters").

But -- honestly -- I believe the doubters are 'that way' out of 'conflict of interest' considerations ... rather than genuine intellectual "doubt." They (particularly the "science" doubters) know and well understand the epidemiological "reality" here....  It is simply that the low risk factors (which are being found as a result of the researchers inability to locate 'control groups' that have not been exposed to EMF) are being used as the basis for a "cop-out" of both "science" and "governmental" responsibility -- as in the NIEHS conclusions......

[......This "Ugly Secret" was first discussed on EMF-L in guru's "Blue World" paper -- now on the new web-site as well as on the Bridlewood site and perhaps one or two others.  It is also mentioned in guru's rebuttal to the official U.S. government position on the web-site.....]

BTW.....  Dr. David Carpenter, the state of New York's leading EMF authority, has been making this same point for perhaps ten years or more.  But his pleas, too, have been ignored or ridiculed by people ("scientists") who know better.......

Cheerio......(Many thanks, Joe!).....

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness

People are more important than profits!!

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Subject: RE: A  Sick City Syndrome (SCS)? (Maisch)..

Canberra's practice of grounding building wiring to plumbing sounds like a common phenominom in the U.S..  Since the plumbing sometimes conveys the ground currents through the living quarters and into neighbors houses, magnetic fields in whole neighborhoods -- well away from high-voltage lines -- are increased on average (see EPRI's 1000 home survey by Zaffanella and coworkers at Enertech).

Moreover, the increased fields have been linked to increased risks of childhood leukemia.  Below is the abstract of a paper by Nancy Werthimer on just that topic.  [.......!!!!!!]

The prudent solution to the ground current issue lies in revising electrical codes and re-grounding homes with high magnetic fields due to ground currents.

Joseph D. Bowman, PhD, CIH

Radiation Section / PAEB/ DBBS
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Phone:  513-533-8143
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My opinions are not necessarily the policies of NIOSH or
the U.S.

Childhood cancer in relation to indicators of magnetic fields from ground current sources.

Wertheimer N, Savitz DA, Leeper E

Bioelectromagnetics 1995;16(2):86-96

This study examines childhood cancer risk in relation to certain factors likely to indicate magnetic field exposure from ground currents in the home. Substantial ground currents are most often found in homes having conductive plumbing, in which an uninterrupted metallic path in the water pipes and water main connects the grounding systems of neighboring houses. Information on plumbing conductivity was obtained from water suppliers for the homes of 347 cases and 277 controls identified in an earlier study of magnetic field exposure and childhood cancer in the Denver area.

An increased cancer risk was observed for children in homes with conductive plumbing: The matched odds ratio was 1.72 (1.03-2.88) and increased to 3.00 (1.33-6.76) when analysis was limited to cases and controls who were residentially stable from the reference date to the study date. A measurement metric likely to indicate active ground currents (measurements having above-median intensity and a nonvertical orientation of < 55 degrees from the horizontal) was identified.

In contrast to measured field intensity alone, for which only modest associations with cancer have been reported, this metric shows a high and significant cancer risk [matched O.R. = 4.0 (1.6-10.0)] consistent over a range of intensity and angle cutpoints. Such elevated nonvertical fields were also associated with cancer in an independent data set, which was gathered to study adult nonlymphocytic leukemia in the Seattle area. The associations of cancer with conductive plumbing and with this exposure metric both suggest that cancer risk is increased among persons with elevated magnetic field exposure from residential ground currents.

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Subject:      A  Sick City Syndrome (SCS)? (Maisch)..

........Verrry interesting!!!  One thing is for sure, Don, in answer to your question -- it would sure screw up any epidemiological study results......  A classic case of "why?" we are getting epidemiological results that are artificially LOW RISK factors.....

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness

People are more important than profits!!

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Date: Thu, 11 Nov 1999 20:39:11 +1000
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Subject: A  case of  Sick City Syndrome (SCS)?

Dear Roy

Apparently the entire capital city of Australia, CANBERRA has an electrical problem that I would request comment on from members on this list.

Up to the last few years the common practice in building wiring in Canberra was NOT to have an earth grounding stake but to wire up the metal water piping system to fullfill this role.

Recently I received a call from a resident of Canberra who  seemed to be having health problems related to excessive EMF exposures at home.  I sent her a meter and survey protocol to use for  two weeks. What she is finding indicates that high magnetic field levels in homes may be common in that city as the water system is acting as an intregral part of the electrical supply system.

What would be the possible consequences of an entire city having this situation?


Don Maisch

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