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23 May 2001
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May I make note of the fact that this project was requested more than TWO years ago -- and it will take (according to info provided below) FIVE years to complete........

Now, if past history of such affairs is any guide -- the U.S. Government will take the position that 'nothing can be done about regulating or curtailing cell phone exposures until the "government's" study is completed.' That is exactly what the congress and the bureaucracy have in mind!!!!

That is exactly the scenario that played out in EMF RAPID.......!!!! Remember????  We stood "frozen" in one place for six years plus ... and then ... after all that 'elephantine' labor ... WE PRODUCED A MOUSE.......

(Kenneth Olden and Chris Portier were conspicuously the leaders in that effort, too.....???)

What looks like ACTION below ... is not action ... it is the usual Washington "shell game."   To whit:

"We've got a problem, you say, with the risks of the cell phone technology versus public health.  That will pit the PEOPLE against some powerful vested interests.  Question -- how to protect the vested interests while the government will still look like it is doing its job????  That's easy!!  We just commission a big study that will take five years. (RAPID actually took almost seven.)  In the meantime, that "freezes" all other decisions or actions until the study is done.....  VOILA!!  The vested interests get to go ahead and finish their build-out ... and the press (and too many other people  who should know better) will behave as if the government is doing its job?!" [Vomit!!!]


This is not a big story......  This is the "usual" Washington run around..... The scientists will get to spend $10 million on research.  The cell phone industry will proceed merrily along without concern about regulatory interruption.  The press will report "how great is our democracy."  [Vomit!]  The government bureaucrats and legislators will break their arms patting themselves on the back.  And the people -- screwed as usual -- will continue to die of brain cancers, leukemia, etc.........!!!!!


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness......

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
.........Edmund Burke


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Subject: Important Cell Phone Developments
Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 18:06:12 -0400 (EDT)
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Dear Colleagues:

A quick note to let you know of two important developments in the ongoing cell phone story:

1) The U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) will sponsor some major animal studies on cell phone radiation --the FDA asked for these studies in 1999. The cost will be approximately $10 million.

An AP story with some details appears below. (Note that the first line of the story is not  correct...The NTP will be doing the studies at the request of the FDA.)

2) The General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of the U.S. Congress, released its report on cell phones and health this morning.

The complete text of the report is available at: <>

As always, you can expect full details in our next issue (May/June)...There will also be some other VERY important news that you will not want to miss.

Louis Slesin

AP Story:

May 22, 2001

Study Will Focus on Whether Cell Phones Cause Cancer

TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (AP) - The Food and Drug Administration is launching a $10 million study to determine once and for all whether cell phones cause cancer.

The study will be led by the North Carolina-based National Toxicology Program and is expected to be the most comprehensive animal toxicology study ever performed on effects from the microwave emissions of phones.

"With over 1 billion cell phones in use worldwide, it is critical to obtain scientifically rigorous laboratory studies of the potential for health effects from long-term use of these products," said Kenneth Olden, head of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and director of the NTP.

Scientists from the NTP will design studies that expose rats to many doses of radiation, including the levels emitted by the phones. Once they design the studies, the organization will hire a research institute to conduct them. It will take five years to get results, said associate director Chris Portier.

Animal research is crucial, Portier said, because if the phones do cause harm, it could take decades for evidence to emerge in people.

Research to date -a good share of it subsidized by the wireless industry- has turned up no airtight findings that cell phones are a health danger.

A National Cancer Institute investigation released in December found no link between cell phone use and malignant brain tumors diagnosed in more than 700 people. But the institute emphasized that its work was by no means conclusive.

Cellular phones weren't widely introduced in the United States until the 1980s. Today, about 114 million people pay for mobile phone subscriptions, with 64,000 new customers signing up each day, according to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association.

Many public health experts see no reason to fear the phones, but they also understand that any dangers would have a huge impact, said David Savitz, epidemiology chairman at the University of North Carolina's public health school in Chapel Hill.

"When there is an exposure being introduced on such a widespread basis, it is worth being quite obsessive about doing everything possible to evaluate all possible health concerns," Savitz said.

Cellular phones use microwaves to transmit conversation from fixed base stations. The phones operate in the microwave frequency in a range lower than microwave ovens. Still, microwaves can heat human tissue and heat can damage cells in a person's tissues.

Despite the lack of scientific proof that the phones are dangerous, many people all over the globe have grown wary. Last year, the British government recommended that children's use of cell phones be limited to essential calls - just in case.

In the United States, attorneys in several states have filed lawsuits alleging that cellular phone companies haven't taken adequate steps to protect people from possible radiation hazards. Also, the FDA has offered advice to people who are worried about their phones but don't want to give them up, including keeping conversations short and switching to models with headsets rather than using hand-held devices. The greatest amount of radiation is emitted near the phones' antenna.

Pam Wardell, a Durham real estate agent, finds it tough to imagine life without her cell, which she carries everywhere.

If studies turn up evidence that her phone is dangerous, Wardell says, she will hang it up for good. But she doubts everyone else would.

"I don't think people could ever go back," she said.
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