The FCC - Regulators that Don't Regulate


1 April 2000

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Hi everybody:

You will read an extremely revealing document below.  Bonnie Hicks has forwarded a reply she received from (another of those faceless "middle- level" bureaucrats) the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).....

The FCC is the U.S. Government agency that is responsible for the regulation of all "communications" electromagnetic emissions.  That includes, in fact, such transmitting equipment (and associated antennas or towers) as are used by radio, TV, "short-wave" radio, "citizens-band" or CB radio, cell phones and other of the "new" wireless technologies, etc.....  It is the agency that is charged with administering the provisions of the infamous 1996 Telecommunications Act.

What you will read below raises a very serious basic question: If the FCC does not do (claims it is not responsible for) the things stated below, why do we have it?

It certainly is not performing any protective function of the American PEOPLE!!  It IS doing a LOT of protecting of the folks in industry.....!

Among other startling revelations, you will find:

God help us!!!  The position of our government is that all of this "wireless" Blue World explosion in our environment is not a problem.....!!  Of course, that is a meaningless claim when there are no established health-safety standards (with regard to "safe" levels of electromagnetic emission exposures) in existence....!!!!!

There is more ... which raises the question:  What does the FCC do - besides "giveaway" the airways???.....  It is obvious that they do not exist to provide U.S. citizens any protection WHATSOEVER from the electromagnetic exposure that is now proliferating at an exponential rate of growth in our environment....!!!


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness

People are more important than profits!!

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This is a copy of my email letter to the FCC with their response.  It really blows me away.  It took me a couple of minutes to even digest the answers. I now have written proof that the FCC pretty much gives the tower owners carte blanch if they are under 200 feet!  This makes me sick!!!  Well, now I have proof from the FCC that they do not go out and check that these towers are within the guidelines as stated by the tower owner at all the hearings.  I will be forwarding this to our attorney tomorrow.  I thought this might be of help to somebody else you are helping.  Thanks for your support.

Good night,


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Mr. Hicks,

I will give an answer to each of your questions.  The answer will appear below each question.

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After reading several lengthy documents from the FCC and contacting the FCC's lawyer they referred me to this department for answers.  My questions are as follows:

FCC responses are in brackets:  [   ]

1.  Are all cellular towers regulated by the FCC or is there a height they go by?  Our local government does not regulate and inspect such towers and is under the impression that the FCC does the inspections to require adherence to the guidelines.

[All cellular base stations are regulated by the FCC.  They have certain height/power restrictions but this depends on terrain.  The FCC regulates these base stations with respect to radiofrequency (RF) fields that emanate from the antennas.]

2.  Are the locations of cellular towers, guides or stays and generator housing required to have safety fences for public safety, such as 3 or 4 feet, especially in residential areas?

[No, the FCC only requires fences if there is an area on the ground that exceed the RF safety limits.  The local zoning could require fences above and beyond what the FCC requires.]

3.  When I looked up on the FCC's database towers of Charles Hayes from South Bend, Indiana, I only located 4 licensed towers.  Mr. Hayes stated that he has 40 towers.  Why aren't all towers listed?

[Only towers above 200 feet tall are required to be registered with the FCC.  However, even some that are that height or taller are not registered because the tower owners havent provided the info. to the FCC.]

4.  When new antennas are added to an existing tower does the FCC require notice or application of such antennas?  If not, how would the FCC keep track of all the antennas on each Tower?

[The FCC does not keep track of individual antennas on towers. However, we require our licensees to certify that if they add an antenna to an existing tower/rooftop they must include the existing RF fields in their analysis to make sure that what they add to the site will not cause the site to exceed the RF guidelines.]

5.  When does the FCC actually check that each tower is within the guidelines?

[The FCC only checks if there is  a complaint about a facility. Generally, any non-broadcast tower, ie, wireless communication tower that has antennas no closer than 30 feet off the ground will not cause a compliance problem.]

6.  Does the FCC actually check the towers after additional antennas have been added to ensure the guidelines are being met?

[No, it is the licensees responsibility to take into account the fields that are already existing before they add their antennas to the tower.]

7.  Does the FCC only require that the tower owner submit tests they performed to show they are within the guidelines?

[The FCC has no control over the tower owner unless they are a licensee (own one of the antennas on the tower).  The licensees are completely responsible for their antennas.]

8.  What happens if the tower is found to not be in compliance with the FCC's guidelines?

[If the antennas on the tower emit fields that are higher than the FCC's permissable guidelines they are in violation of our rules and we can impose sanctions ie., license revocation, fines, etc.,]

9.  Does the tower owner have to provide proof of liability insurance on each tower?

[The FCC does not get involved with this that is left up to the local zoning requirements.]

These are some very important questions I would like to have answered. I hope you will be able to answer them for me.  You may email your answers back to me at  Thank you.

Bonnie Hicks
55685 Clover Rd
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