Pentagon Agrees to PAVE PAWS Study


16 December 1999
20 December 1999

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Hi everybody:

.......If you happened to watch the CBS program "60 Minutes" on national TV last evening, you may have an idea why I am repeating the following message (now located on the guru's website)....

One of the three segments that was reported by 60 Minutes last night was about the Secrecy clauses which are a normal part of the contracts imposed by U.S. corporations upon the scientists they hire for research....

The report dramatically showed the extent to which these "Secrecy" clauses give the corporations absolute control -- not only over the "publication" of the research results, BUT ALSO OVER THE INTERPRETATION of those results!!!

The case involved a pharmaceutical company which had contracted with a lady researcher (MD) to study the effectiveness of one of the company's drugs vis-a-vis the generic competition....  Low and behold -- she found that the company's prescription drug was no better than the generic competition which, of course, could be bought by the patients at more than a third less cost.....

The CBS documentary graphically portrayed the INTIMIDATION techniques (even to the point, finally, of firing the research lady) which the company used to "keep her in line."  Her personal life and reputation were NOT out of bounds in the company's efforts to discredit her personally -- not just her work.....

I had already heard about these clauses (sometimes under a different "name", i.e., "release and publication of results" clauses) from a number of the researchers I know in the EMF community.....  As I understand it, the bottom line is, simply:

     he who pays for the research -- controls --

(1) when or IF the results are ever published to the public,
(2) the INTERPRETATION of the study itself,
(3) control over the disposition of the actual data (even to the point of destroying it if the corporation deems it "unfit"....),
(4) WRITING the press release and controlling the conduct of the accompanying press conference.....

It would be hard to design a system that is MORE unfair AND ADVERSE to the PUBLIC'S need for truth and full disclosure on health and public safety issues than the above.....

Worse, it turns out that it is not just the CORPORATIONS who adhere to this UN-LEGISLATED code of public
exploitation -- the government and the universities, too, have now bought into those practices......!!! (Some enterprising reporter needs to look into the situation at the University of Washington???  ....  That's Washington state, not Saint Louis....)

It is not any wonder that the truth about EMF research ON EXPOSURE HEALTH HAZARDS is having such difficulty in rising to the surface.....!!!  It is buried by the "Secrecy" clauses code of behavior -- a system designed to serve the good of the VESTED INTERESTS -- not the PUBLIC.....  And, it certainly does not serve the cause of GENUINE independent scientific research....!!!

Why is society "stuck" with this system??  That's easy -- because virtually ALL the money for research in U.S. science today now comes from the vested interests themselves -- i.e., the commercial interests and/or the government.....  The PUBLIC is just NOT at the table....!!! There no longer exist any genuinely INDEPENDENT research institutions....

We who have followed this EMF saga for many years can personally attest to examples where the above procedures have resulted in outright lies or at least serious obfuscation of the information given to the public, even cases of tampering with the data!!!  Locking it up!!!  And refusing to produce it!!!

It may be that we who carry on this struggle are destined NOT to win in our efforts to reveal to the public the full truth about EMF health hazards -- but along the way, I consider that we have discovered an equally serious problem with the way "research" is done in the U.S. ... when the PUBLIC'S interest is involved.........  The public gets screwed......!!  CBS told the story of one example -- but there is so much more they could have told.....

So, Sharon, that is part of what I was trying to say below.....  I hope you don't mind my repeating it again and bringing it again to everyone's attention.....


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness

People are more important than profits!!

16 December 1999

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Subject: Pentagon agrees to PAVE PAWS study (Judge)..

.......Good!!  Sharon.  You've got what you wanted.....  But have you?? I see some worrisome language down there in this article.....

The military is going to pick "the contractor" to do the study??!!?? And the military will also control, manage (dole-out) the $$$$$$$.... That should be a RED FLAG warning to you......!!!

You realize: that is the USUAL situation where the "scientists" doing the study see themselves as working for the military (NOT the public!!)... For a host of reasons that I should not have to repeat again here -- that means that (if the contractors want future contracts, for example) they will "tilt" their results accordingly -- Pro-Defense Department.....

I do not believe it is possible to stress too strongly -- that the U.S. public has an URGENT "public" need to create totally INDEPENDENT science bodies for studies like this.....!!!

Ask any Vietnam veteran you know about the studies "ad Nauseum" which were conducted under "military" auspices on the agent Orange (dioxin) matter??? Always the Pentagon view prevailed.  "Nothing there" -- "No 'conclusive' evidence" -- were the consistent results we got..... Even to this day, with evidence accumulating that points to the existence of DNA damage in children of vets whose 'retarded' (birth defective) children (not just spinabifida, which is the only dioxin malaise the Pentagon is admitting) are being turned away from help. Yet, it was just this week that the CBS program "60 Minutes" reported from Vietnam on evidence of DNA damage (other than spinabifida) in Vietnamese children.....

Another, more recent example -- the Desert War studies -- which repeatedly failed even to acknowledge the widespread desert-war-sickness of vets (and in some cases their families) following the Kuwait/Iraq desert war....  "It's all in their heads," was the consistent answer from Pentagon managed studies.....

Pentagon funded, managed and controlled studies do NOT have a good reputation for objectivity when it comes to making 'judgments' that must/should go against "government policy."  They deserve no more confidence than what the public has come to expect from private industry research on tobacco or EMF or cell-phone health effects..... And that is: worthy of no confidence at all.....

In short, Sharon, perhaps you ought to try and get "60 Minutes" into the act ... if you really expect to get the truth......  Or, insist on the formation of a citizens group to select the contractor and manage the research (to include defining the objectives)......  NOT the Pentagon!!!


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness

People are more important than profits!!

Cape Cod Times: PAVE PAWS study planned (December 14, 1999)

"Cape Cod Times, the Cape & Islands Daily Newspaper, Hyannis, MA, Cape Cod"

PAVE PAWS study planned

The military will try to determine the effect of radiation from radar.

Pentagon officials announced yesterday that the military will conduct a full environmental review of the PAVE PAWS radar system, an action critics of the Upper Cape facility have advocated for decades.

In letters to Sandwich Town Administrator George Dunham and Sharon Judge of Sandwich, the most vocal opponent and the spokeswoman for the Cape Cod Coalition to Decommission PAVE PAWS, a top Air Force official said the military was cognizant of public concerns about the facility and that an environmental review of the radar would be done.

"I believe that the Air Force needs to address your concerns and work with you and other interested citizens to resolve the issues you raise," Thomas McCall Jr., deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force, said in his Dec. 10 letter to Judge.

Judge said she was cautiously optimistic about the review, but said she will remain skeptical until she sees the details. She is concerned that the analysis will not address the past health impacts of radar, which she said it critical to any report on PAVE PAWS.

"We are at the beginning of a legal process that I expect will shed light on a major facility that has been operating out of the public eye for 21 years," she said. "PAVE PAWS past is an important part of its future."

The PAVE PAWS radar is operated by the Air Force's 6th Space Defense Squadron and sits atop Flat Rock Hill in Bourne overlooking nearby downtown Sandwich. It has been a source of contention since it opened in 1978.

The primary concern is the low-frequency radiation emitted by the 10-story, east-facing radar. PAVE PAWS' mission is to detect missile attacks on the United States and to track satellites, space shuttles and other space objects as they move across the sky.

Community concern was heightened earlier this year when it was announced that all three PAVE PAWS systems - on the Cape as well as in California and Alaska - are being considered as key components of a $12 billion national missile defense program being contemplated by the Pentagon.

Initially, the Air Force proposed a limited review focusing only on the environmental impact of the computer upgrades to the system under the new program. Residents, local officials and area politicians denounced the idea, calling for a more comprehensive review.

Critics complain that no comprehensive study has been done on the health impacts of the radiation coming from PAVE PAWS and that radiation levels only have been measured twice, in 1978 and 1986. In an area as populated as Cape Cod, and with its history of high cancer rates and other illnesses, it's wrong to have the facility operating without knowing if it's a public health risk, they say.  A panel of experts brought together by the state Department of Public Health released its report Nov. 26 recommending further studies of the radiation concerns. Judge's group has been critical of both the report and three of the four panelists.

Judge said she believes the new environmental review "will ultimately result in the moving of PAVE PAWS to an unpopulated site," something that was done in recent years when a radar system was moved from Texas to Alaska.

Judge and other critics have urged the military to shut the site down until the health risks can be determined. Judge thanked U.S. Sens. Edward Kennedy and John Kerry, both D-Mass., and U.S. Rep. William Delahunt, D-Mass., for pushing for the environmental review.

In a statement released yesterday, Kennedy said this "step makes sense."  He also commended the Air Force for "taking the extra, unprecedented step to meet the concerns of the community by establishing a citizen/government partnership to look into any possible past and current health and safety impacts of the site."

Marilyn Null, a spokeswoman for McCall, said the review - done as part of the Federal Environmental Policy Act - will include an extensive public involvement program.

The military already has set aside money to find a contractor for the environmental review, but that the first official act will be a notice of intent, which Null expects to be issued within two months.

As part of the missile defense program, the Pentagon already has completed environmental impact analyses of the two areas being considered for key sites in the program, in Alaska and North Dakota. Now similar studies will be done at all three PAVE PAWS facilities.

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