OUTRAGE!! At loss of freedom/privacy of speech


22 February 2001

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Subject: OUTRAGE!!  At loss of freedom/privacy of speech
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 22:42:47 -0600
From: Roy Beavers <>
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Hi Shirley:

Thanks for this.....  I enjoyed reading it.  You are right.  Scientists who participate in my list are subjected to various pressures or harassment (not sexual) by their peers, by industry, perhaps ultimately "blacklisted" for employment by the government as well as industry.

I think they all realize the risk they are taking.  I think it is very courageous on their part to join in and help "keep us honest."

If you really want to find out how bad the situation is today in the U.S., you should read some of the documents I have been studying recently about the absolute SNAFU that has taken place in the AIDS research!!!

Why???  Because a few "scientists" with BIG EGOS and NO CONSCIENCE or ETHICS were out to "hog all the glory and gain for themselves".....  And ... you know what?  They were wrong!!!  Their "science" was wrong!  They led the whole WORLD on a billion dollar wild goose chase.....

(All the time, of course, they were being applauded and given high honors by the "science establishment.")

It is a case of BAD SCIENCE, much CONFLICT OF INTEREST, wasted $$$$$$ by the government, and a "press" that has been unwilling to report the story....

It is like -- but bigger than -- the EMF story.......!!!!

Shirley wrote:

Hi, Roy,
Since we are busy emailing you about our opinions on EMF and other topics.  Just look at this article.

Piggy-backing the last article I sent you a few days ago about how profiling can be used on your email .... I don't want to be paranoid, but I wonder how emails to you by these highly qualified experts on EMF could be turned around to be used against them???

This may be much-ado-about-nothing on my part.  However I am intimately familiar with how the government/industry  will "get" you when it thinks you are a threat.

Shirley de Rose



Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.....


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