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26 March 2002
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Subject: Official Site of the Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry (Carlo).
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002 02:02:01 -0600
From: Roy Beavers <>
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Hi folks:

Yesterday I received a call from Dr. George Carlo.....

He wanted to be sure that I was aware of his "Registry" project. BE SURE YOU CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE BELOW......!!!

Dr. Carlo is a well known authority on the EMF/EMR subject. Some might say that he is "notoriously" well known.

He was originally hired by the telecom industry to conduct research on the health effects of cell phones.  Of course, it is no secret to this list of readers that when "industry" undertakes such a project ... they do so with the expectation that the researcher will come back to them with results that give their product a "clean bill of health."

Dr. Carlo didn't come back with that kind of an answer.  He was profoundly disturbed and affected by what he found.... I personally saw the impact -- which his research had upon him -- at a meeting which he and I attended in Long Beach, California in June of 1999.  It was the Annual Meeting of the BioElectroMagnetic Society (BEMS).

It was at that meeting that he surprised us all by throwing a tough question at HIS OWN PANEL of experts.  He challenged them to answer about the "safety" of the millions of phones already in use in the world ... in spite of the troubling bioeffects which his group had uncovered.  In effect, Carlo was challenging the panel to respond to a very troubling notion that now haunts many of us in this saga:  Is the cell phone industry -- and our government (!!) -- using the general public as guinea pigs in a massive experiment about the dangers of the KNOWN bioeffects of EMF/EMR in our environment????

Dr. Carlo's concerns were mainly the result of some of the bioeffects studies which he had contracted out to other researchers.  I write "concerns" ... not "what he proved."  Because his results did not "prove" anything.  He knows that.

The results of some of his contracted studies did raise serious questions, however, about the possible adverse health consequences of a cell phone that is held with its antenna against the temple -- while it transmits a surprisingly powerful signal (at an RF or MW frequency) to a remote receiving antenna.

Carlo had begun to notice -- as had many others -- that some users of cell phones were reporting that they were experiencing brain tumors and cancers which they attributed to their use of cell phones.  Subsequently, other researchers (outside the U.S.) began to report on other symptoms -- of a less serious nature, but nevertheless troublesome -- like headaches, or nausea, problems with concentration, etc.

Carlo's question to his own panel of researchers at Long Beach in June of 1999 had been perhaps the first hint that the "hired gun" of industry was beginning to have doubts -- doubts which would later be translated into some dramatic action.

George Carlo, by the way, did not consider himself a "hired gun." That was a sobriquet which "the guru" and others, who were also cynical about industry's genuine desire to find the truth, had attached to him and his group's research effort.  He would soon "step up to bat" and prove -- that whatever had been his initial motivation or expectation, in the end -- he is first and foremost ... a scientist.

That proof came in the form of a letter he wrote to his former employers -- the telecom industry -- addressed to the CEO of AT&T (American Telephone and Telegraph), the giant of the American communications industry.

In his letter, Carlo laid out his reservations about the cell phone risks and expressed his dismay about the way the industry was using (actually, ignoring) his research results. He considered that the possible adverse implications were being deliberately ignored.

The letter was a bombshell -- to the industry, to the science community, to the government (FDA), and to those of us who had doubted the sincerity of his effort.......

Since that letter, Dr. Carlo has consistently pursued a course that he hopes will eventually produce some genuine answers to the uncertainties about the health consequences of cell phone use.  He has been in the courts.  He has been in the press and on TV.  He has written a book.

In all of his appearances and his writing, he is sounding the same theme:  genuine alarm over the governmental and public INDIFFERENCE to the risks posed by more than 300 million phones (and their associated antennae that now dot the landscape) across America and the rest of the world.

He believes that we (our government, society) should be paying MUCH more attention to the thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of "anecdotal" reports that are beginning to surface ... as complaints of adverse health effects from cell phone use. That is what the website below is all about.  If the government (FDA) is not going to do its job -- George Carlo will!!!!

Below you will find the 'Official site of the Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry.'  It is THE PLACE for all (worldwide) persons who experience adverse reactions to their cell phone ... to come and record their symptoms........

And, it is not just "cell phone" information that is desired.  George told me quite explicitly that he now recognizes there is a need to collect this kind of information in other EMR (radio frequency and microwave) situations as well......  In particular, he mentioned the cell phone antennae (masts) themselves.

Information from "All people who believe they are having problems with wireless signals should be our goal," he said.  (He specifically does NOT include the power line cases.  They are in another category.)

As the data is collected, Dr. Carlo intends to move it into the appropriate scientific and governmental channels to be evaluated and analyzed.  The actual collection of the data is likely to be in the hands of the U.S. Public Health Service -- or some other independent third party.

I hope and believe that the readers of EMF-L will lead the way in responding to this historic call....... (You will have to use the above link, if you intend to submit any of the forms.  The webpage -- without links -- is below.)


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.....

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men
to do  nothing.....     .......Edmund Burke (1729-1797)


Welcome To the Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry ("MTHCR").

The Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry (MTHCR) has been created to gather direct voluntary information from cellular telephone users, many of whom have concerns relating to phone use and their possible subsequent health effects. Funding for the registry is a result of a court ordered settlement dated 26 November 2001. This registry is a passive reporting system and will consist solely of self-reported health complaints of phone users gathered primarily by an online survey. In addition, any participant may print the online form and fax or mail it to the registry offices. Participants may also call 1-866-3-SCIENCE to request a survey for faxing or mailing.

Registries can provide an important initial glimpse into the effects of specific exposures in a population and can be an integral part of the overall scientific process. We hope this registry will provide valuable information regarding an assessment of the presence or absence of clusters of specific complaints among phone users.

We greatly encourage and appreciate your participation in this registry. Thank you in advance for taking the time to contribute.

If you would prefer to fill out a questionnaire and send it in please download the form in the downloads page and mail or fax it back to us.

News Update Last Updated: 2/25/2002 10:42:21 PM will bring you the latest news and information about issues related to the health registry project. Contact Information provides contact information. Links to Related Information provides Internet links to some related information.

Mobile Telephone Health Concerns Registry.

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