Sam Milham on Childhood Leukemia/Electrification


21 March 2001
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Subject: Childhood Leukemia paper (Milham)..
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 22:02:56 -0600
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...........From EMF-L.........

Dr. Sam Milham:

Yes, Sam, I well remember our discussion in Long Beach......!!

Very pleased to be the first to announce the following......

Folks,  Dr. Sam Milham is well known in the EMF research community as a pioneer who identified, studied, and reported upon various aspects of the problem since the 1970s......!!!!!...........  Now in retirement, he was for many years the leading epidemiologist on the staff of the state of Washington......  (That's NOT D.C.  It is in the northwest corner of the U.S. -- up near Vancouver, Canada......)

I'm sure the following will prove to be another important landmark study from Sam.  Be sure you carefully read his last paragraph


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.....

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Subject: Childhood Leukemia paper
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 18:25:09 -0800
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Dear Roy,

At the Long Beach BEMS meeting, I told you about a study I was doing which linked
historical residential electrification data from the US census with childhood leukemia mortality data from US vital statistics.  Yesterday I saw that it has been published electronically on the idealibrary web site:  Without paying, the title and abstract can be viewed.  It will be published eventually(probably in the next issue) in Medical Hypotheses. If the journal sends me a reprint, I'll send you a copy. I'd send you the paper I submitted, but I am concerned about copyright infringement if it released on the net.

The study convinces me that the major leukemia of childhood, common acute lymphoblastic leukemia (cALL), which is responsible for the childhood peak at ages 2-4, is the result of residential electrification.  This is proof once again that all technologies have a down side. I'm chagrined that it took us almost 50 years to make this connection.

Best,   Sam Milham

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