Lookout Mountain Revisited


24 November 2000

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Hi everybody:

I invite the following website to your attention.  It was called to my attention by Carole Lomond, the editor of _City, Mountain Views_, a Golden, CO. based periodical about the scenic country side (where many of our readers live) on and around Lookout Mountain in Colorado.

We have so many new readers, perhaps I should briefly update them on the history and importance of the Lookout Mountain case.....

It is possibly the most important "EMF case" in progress.  It concerns a mountain (near Denver, Colorado) which has become the focus of attention due to its use as the principle "tower site" for the broadcasters into the Denver market.  That means "broadcasters" of ALL types -- TV, radio, telecom, military and civilian, etc.....  As you will read in Carole's website, more than 1000 transmitters of various types are located there. (Keep in mind -- the series of messages this past week on EMF-L, from our engineers, about how these signals interact with each other to produce something of a "synergy or reinforcement effect."  Thus increasing their potential for harm.)

The broadcasters are seeking to add more!!  The local residents have become acutely aware of the health hazards.  Some local investigation has shown an association with an abnormal rate of cancer.....!!  Other "suspect" conditions are also reported.....

The case is not yet "in the courts."  It is still being "tied-up" in the bureaucracy -- the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) mainly.  Those guys -- in case any of you have forgotten -- interpret their responsibility to monitor and protect-against "interference" between electronic signals only!!  They take NO RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever with regard to human life...!!!

Subsequently, we have learned on this list that they don't actually "monitor" all RF/MW transmitters either.  At the bottom line, they appear to have enough responsibility to justify a huge RICH $$$$$$ bureaucracy, but with very little actual RESPONSIBILITY for anything....!!!!!!

(Guru well remembers -- that is Washington's FAVORITE game. "Maximize the BUDGET ... minimize the RESPONSIBILITY!!!"....It is called.  And ... ALWAYS, repeat ALWAYS ... make sure that there is another agency within the government having overlapping reponsibility with your agency ... so that you can play the SECOND favorite  Washington game: passing the buck!!!! ......Guru has written for years about the "Absence of Accountability" in Washington.  That is the title of one of his best known essays, published near the end of the Viet Nam War in the U.S.Naval Institute Proceedings.....)

Recently, Eric Johnson wrote in a message to this list that: (paraphrased) the folks at Lookout Mountain were trying to have ALL the "stuff" moved from their mountain to a new site near where Eric lives near Boulder, CO.

Not quite true, says Carole Lomond.....  Whatever the facts are -- (1) guru thinks it a matter of considerable significance to learn that the "tower operators" are trying to "sneak away" from the Lookout Mountain situation!!  (Until Eric spoke up -- that was not known "out here" where the interest level in the Lookout Mountain situation is high.  Even the Lookout Mountain people had not told me....)

(2)  Let's hope that these two communities -- both apparently being exploited by an industry/FCC cabal -- find a way to work TOGETHER in this matter, rather than in conflict with each other.....

Somebody, somewhere, somehow ... needs to put the "mark" of guilt squarely where it belongs ... on the foreheads of the FCC (the federal government) and the telecom industry -- both determined to surreptitiously continue what they have been doing:  placing this RF/MW risk on a "guinea pig" public (as Allen Frey wrote) without informing the public what the true facts are!!!!!.......


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.....

People are more important than profit$$

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