Prof. Kundi on Preece/Henshaw "Aerosol" Effect


10 October 2000

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Subject: Preece/Henshaw "aerosol" effect (Kundi)...
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 05:54:34 -0500
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Hi everybody:

In his message below, Dr. Michael Kundi reminds us of an important point -- which I think our long-time regular readers are well aware of, but which may easily be lost by the newer readers or the less sophisticated EMF/bioeffects student.

Namely: The interaction of electromagnetic radiation (ALL of its various component metrics, e.g., magnetic field, transients, frequency, etc.) with human cells and with the environment surrounding us (e.g., ground currents or "stray voltage" as well as the "aerosol effect" recently identified by Professor Henshaw at Bristol Univ. in the U.K.) produces a wide variety of biological effects...

Certainly NOT just one!!!

It is most likely that not all of these effects have been identified!! And, it is clear that the few which are identified (e.g., melatonin or calcium responses or the blood brain barrier) have not been sufficiently studied to enable us to reach any conclusions as to which are the most harmful overall ... to human health.

As new research continues to uncover more knowledge in regard to the above, we should avoid any tendency to jump upon the latest results and conclude that the latest "smoking gun" is the explanation.

It is much more important to grasp the significance of the full extent of EMF/EMR interaction with human cells and the surrounding environment in ALL of its manifestations.....!!

It is also important to realize that the harmful effects we are slowly becoming aware of ... may involve synergistic effects of the sum total of all the various "mechanisms" of the EMF/EMR interaction with cells and the surrounding environment......!!!

I think that is the beauty of the excellent point that is contained in the message below.

Guru says: The archives of EMF-L contain a number of references to this same point. i.e.. The health effects are most likely the result of multiple interactions: of a chemical (biological) nature within our cells and organs -- either directly, or -- perhaps induced via the environment........ (I believe this same observation may be first attributable to Robert Becker.) line below)

Michael Kundi wrote:

Dear Roy,

The aerosol hypothesis of Henshaw and the supporting evidence from Preece's study should not let us forget about the magnetic field component. The wire code results taken as a whole do suggest a small but systematically elevated risk. What remains to be done is to do combined studies including measurements or estimates of the magnetic field in the homes and of charge distribution of particulate matter (PM2.5 or PM1 or even smaller). I suspect that some of the discrepancies between epidemiological findings could possibly be resolved by including Hanshaw's hypothesis. E.g. in Austria there is a regional difference in the orientation of high voltage lines (in some areas they are only south-north oriented and in others only east-west). If the hypothesis of Henshaw is correct, then because of predominant west-winds, only in areas with south-north orientation of power lines an association could be expected. If only distance is considered this would dilute the effect.


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