Cellphone Towers and Government Inaction


27 July 2000

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Subject: Cellphone Towers (Anon)..]
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 10:26:25 -0500
From: Roy Beavers
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Hi everybody:

It would be nice to believe that something is sufficient to catch the attention (conscience and action) of key members in our government........ As suggested by the message forwarded below..........

I find myself recalling a discussion I had in Munich with one of our government "bureaucrats."

In substance, it went something like this:

We in the government, he said, are aware of the evidence which "points to" health effects from EMF/EMR exposures, but we are (these days) "bombarded" with examples of such evidence about many "exposures" in our environment today....... (Mostly "man-made.")

We not only have to "sort out" these many charges of adverse health effects from various sources, we have to "decide" where our "limited" resources (of investigation and follow-up) will produce the most return........ The evidence, so far, on EMF is not only "not conclusive" to the science community, it is not "persuasive" to the public!! The public is not showing much concern about it......

Consequently, our resources get invested more readily in "threats" that are of most concern to the public..... As you know, Roy (he went on), the public is very important in influencing where we invest our limited resources....... That's just the way "Washington works." [Guru agrees..... But he does NOT agree with any suggestion that the problem is one of lack of funds....]

My "government official" friend also said (in effect) the following -- which I found most interesting:

"I tend to agree with you, Roy. The evidence (of "harm" from EMF) justifies much more action on the part of the government than is occurring. I also tend to agree that there is too much influence in the government by the vested interests."

But two things, he said, must happen before that "action" is likely to be forthcoming. (1) Science must give us "more to work with." The EMF "hazards" do not have to be "conclusively proved." But those scientists who are convinced of the need for more positive action ... must speak up publicly (and with more vigor) about their concerns. And, (2) the public must start demanding action......!!

[........When he said the above, my memory went back to the "vigor" that some conscientious scientists displayed in the "five minutes to midnight" anti-A-bomb campaign.......... guru......]

My government friend went on: It does not help for the few of you who are active in the "activists" community to make "extreme" statements in your zealotry for the cause. (He specifically mentioned statements about "there being no minimum level of exposure that is safe.") That kind of a position (even if justified by the "science" -- which is doubtful) is not one that can be realistically pursued...... Not at the present level of our understanding about EMF effects...........

...........Well....... That's about the "gist" of my very frank conversation with one friend that we have in the "bureaucracy." I thank him for his frankness ... and I find that I am "taking to heart" his advice....... I believe he spoke "wisdom." My own Washington experience supports what he said...... So, the message below merits your attention. It set me to thinking about my conversation "with a friend" in Munich.......


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness..

People are more important than profits!!

Anon wrote --

Hi Roy. It seems we all talk about the EMF from the towers but the studies do not seem to be getting done.

We have talked to our neighbors on our street, there are 18 houses with in a mile. To the south west of the two microwave towers, of the 18 houses, they all report some serious health problems. We do not know if the health problems are related to the towers, but here is a list of the ones we know.

Cancer... 7
Spinal muscular atrophy.... a 3 yrs old child
Heart Attack... 2 deaths
Heart Problems
Strokes... 2 - 3
Sinus Pressure Headaches
Ear Ringing (tinnitus??)
Breast nodules
Dislecsia ? ( Spelling ) Child

We picked up a map from the city of the properties on our street, I plan to go door to door to map out a list of all the health problems in each house.

If we were to do this across the country, that should put enough pressure on our government to start some studies on these towers.................

This is just an idea of ours, It may be good or It may not, but we thought, what would it hurt to try............ Wouldn't it be interesting to find out the results?.........

Roy do not put our names if you want to print this, we do not want the telecommunications company here to know what we are doing.



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