EXTRA!!! EMF(Microwave)-Cancer Link Confirmed


26 March 2000

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Mirror , 26/3/00 (Dean)..

The existence of such a Polish study (as reported below) has been "known" in some EMF science circles for some time.  But its slowness to publication has frustrated many.  Just as the delays mentioned below will continue to frustrate those who seek ACTION ... not WORDS ... from our governments.  Of course, the delays will also serve the purposes of the vested interest, telecom industry.....

Cheerio.....  (Many thanks, Margaret, for your promptness on this.....)

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness

People are more important than profits!!

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Sunday Mirror 26/3/00

Sunday 26th Mar 2000


A 20-YEAR study of servicemen (in Poland) has established the strongest link yet between mobile phones and cancer.

Research by Polish scientists shows a high cancer death rate among soldiers exposed to microwave radiation - the same as that emitted by the phones.

Although mobile phones have previously been linked by studies to a number of illnesses including cancer, the majority of the research has involved exposing rats or mice - not humans.

This is believed to be the first significant study which shows a link between humans, microwave radiation and cancer.

The team checked the medical records of servicemen who were exposed to the radiation between 1970 and 1990. It then compared their medical histories and death rates to a group of soldiers who were not.

Researchers found those exposed - largely through using military equipment - were more likely to get some cancers.

They were also also more likely to develop a whole range of cancers 10 years earlier than those who had not been.

There were higher death rates from cancers of the skin, brain, blood, digestive system, blood and lymphatic system among the exposed group.

Details of the study follow earlier research linking mobile phones and masts to memory loss, high blood pressure, heart disease, dizziness and headaches.

More than 24 million people in Britain now own mobiles - many of them children below the age of 16.

By the end of 2000 that figure is expected to rise to 30 million.

Exact statistics for the increased risk found in the Polish research will not be available until the scientists have completed their study in 2005.

Hundreds of thousands of servicemen's records were analysed.

Of those, around three per cent had been exposed to microwave radiation.

The study is being conducted at the Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology in Warsaw and led by Professor Stanislaw Szmigielski.

It follows initial research - published in 1988 - which found "a significantly higher rate of particular types of cancers in personnel exposed occupationally to radiofrequency and microwaves".

Further research - due to be published shortly but seen last week by the Sunday Mirror - showed a similar trend.

The Polish paper concludes: "To our knowledge, the data for the first time presents a hint that there exists a relation between cancer risk and exposure in microwave radiation fields."

It urges that more research is carried out to confirm the higher death rates.

The majority of those involved in the study had been exposed to between 1Watt/m2 and 6W/m2 of microwave radiation. The European limit for mobile phone radiation is at present set at 4.5W/m2.

A spokesman for Powerwatch - which monitors the mobile phone industry - said the majority of mobiles gave off between 2W/m2 and 4W/m2.

Other studies being partly funded by the European Union into mobiles and cancer are under way.

But the results are not expected to be available until two or three years time.

Dr Michael Clark, spokesman for the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB), said: "When this research is published we will be taking note.

"We have been calling for this kind of research to be undertaken for some time."

The NRPB maintains that mobile phone radiation levels are within safety limits.

Les Wilson, of London-based Microshield Industries, which manufactures radiation shields for mobile phones, said: "This is yet another piece of research linking mobile use with cancer.

"It's irresponsible for users to continue gambling with their health when they don't have to."

The Sunday Mirror has led the way in warning of the dangers of mobile phones.

In March last year we revealed for the first time how they heat the brain while users make and receive calls.

The following month we revealed the phones scramble the brain and play havoc with the nervous system.

And we reported they could cause high blood pressure which leads to strokes.

Then last October we told of American research which showed that mobiles damage long-term memory.

Following our reports the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee supported our calls for more cash to be spent on research.

Mobiles arrived in Britain in January 1, 1985. The first models weighed 10 times more than the sets currently on sale.

A total of 350 million people now use the phones world-wide and the number being bought globally outstrips the sales of cars and PCs combined.

There were just three million British mobile owners in 1994 - that figure has rocketed to 24 million and is rising fast.

The UK has the fifth highest number of mobiles, after the USA, Japan, China and Italy.

There are over a billion combinations of network tariff and handsets in the UK.

At the current rate of growth, one in two school pupils will have a mobile by the end of 2001.

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