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8 December 2000

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Subject: Re: Attention U.K.!!! TELECOMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS FOR 15M MASTS ...(Cliffe)(Stevens)....
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2000 07:37:50 -0600
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......This is more evidence of citizen action ... in the U.K.!!!

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.......

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Subject: Re: Attention U.K.!!! TELECOMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS FOR 15M MASTS ...(Cliffe)..
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2000 12:37:29 -0000
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Hello Roy,There are several points on this that I would like to make.1. The Stewart Committee although titled "independent" was heavily loaded against independence, but, to their credit, did open the door.2. The majority of newspaper owners will have a vested interest in telecoms through shareholdings and a concern at lawsuits from staff over VDU's, so will not want to open the can too quickly.3. Even the UK Government is earning big ££££££ from licence fees etc. and, as the DIA documents showed, do not want military operations interferted with, so however concerned they might be, will pedal as softly as possible.4.

We have recently set up EMBA (Elecromagnetic Biocompatibility Association) as a forum for concerned scientists and laymen to promote education of the dangers of the Blue World. It is early days, and we are searching for funding and setting our goals.

We hope to link worldwide and associate with similar organisations and concerned individuals. As soon as we are fully established I will let you know details of contact points etc.

Apart from this, I have recently learned of a survey, being funded by a comercial organisation, which is employing top Russian scientists to do a similar job to that which Alasdair and Don M. have funded. I'm trying to put the two together.

Best wishes,
Donald Stevens.

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Date: 05 December 2000 00:17

..........It appears that the "press" in the U.K. is not doing a very good job of spreading the word........  Can anyone "over there" help........???

(Frankly -- I have a question.......   Why isn't the Stewart (IEGMP) group, itself, doing more to "spread the word."  I would expect members of that group to be appearing in town meetings all over the U.K.......??????.......   Evidently they are

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Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 23:38:48 -0000
From: "Richard Cliffe" <>
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Dear Roy,

I have obtained lots of valuable information from this website, it has helped tremendously in fighting an application for a mast in our area. I was put in touch with Dr. Hyland through this website also.  What I am interested in is whether you can help me in my plight to inform ALL local councils in England that the Government have responded to the Stewart Report, and distributed a revised PPG8 - Telecommunications Consultation Paper.  The sad thing is - after speaking to approx. 25 local councils in this country, they have never heard of a new consultation paper and are still working to PPG8 of December 1992 and Circular

These are pitifully outdated. I am endeavouring to inform all local councils that they now have more rights and more grounds to turn these masts down on, and I would love to see the telephone companies working for their huge income, e.g. abiding by the rules in the new PPG8 and trying their hardest (not hiding behind the technical difficulties - excuse) to find less *insensative* sites for these masts.

We are all fully aware that the higher these are the better it is for everyone.  Buildings should be their first port of call, but I recently fought an application for a 15 metre mast just 342 metres away from our house, the Planning Officers Recommendation was for approval, but we won - we fought and fought with all the information from this website and Dr. Hyland's fantastic input, (he even wrote a letter of objection to our local council), we are so IMPRESSED that someone is trying to make us all realize that there are potential UNESTABLISHED health risks with these masts.

I would like to think that you have some ideas for me, on how to go about making local councils, all over the country, more aware of their rights to turn these masts down, I will be waiting. Thankyou for listening,Mrs. Sharron Cliffe.

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