8 July 2001
.........From EMF-L........

Folks, with this message and the one that follows, I am forwarding two messages which I believe will be of interest to many of you BECAUSE THEY ILLUSTRATE THE EXTENT TO WHICH THE BLUE WORLD SURROUNDS US AND IS AFFECTING US -- though we are unaware of it!!!

It is this unseen, unfelt, odorless, unaware presence -- growing at an exponential rate in our environment -- that EMF-L has tried to inform you about.....

The BLUE WORLD is biologically active!!!  SOME OF THAT BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY is resulting in adverse health effects.....  Some persons appear to be more susceptible than others.  We are not all equally vulnerable. But EVERYBODY is vulnerable to some extent ... and it is getting worse.

It is not just the power line in your front yard.  Though -- if you are so unfortunate as to be so cursed -- THAT is serious and grievous harm that is being done to you.  It is not just the cell phone that is hanging on your belt -- or in your purse.  It is not just the cell tower that an inconsiderate neighbor has placed in his yard where it will constantly direct electromagnetic energy upon you.  It is not just the many, many EMF/EMR sources that are now to be found in your home and at work......

It is ALL of these things......  They comprise the electromagnetic BLUE WORLD that Robert Becker tried to warn us about more than twenty years ago.....

Two good examples follow in this message and the next.....

Cheerio......  (I do not endorse the product mentioned below, but I believe you are entitled to know of it....)

Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness....


All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
.......Edmund Burke

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Subject: Roy -  Found an amazing EMF Detector
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 13:13:39 +0800
From: "Adrian Francis" <>
To: <>

Dear Roy.

I am a dedicated follower of your website and I myself am presently fighting the Australian government regarding my exposure to large amounts of radio frequency radiation from a police radio transmitter.  This exposure caused me to contract testicular cancer.  After a number of operations I am in remission and leading a happy and healthy life once again.

I am in the process of arguing my case in the Australian courts and am quite willing to talk to anyone about my experiences to date.

I have become extremely concerned about further expozures to EMF and when I inquired about personal RF detectors with overseas comapnies I found that you could not buy one for under a thousand dollars minimum.

Due to my work with the security industry I have come across an amazing little unit which detects radio frequency from cellular phone towers, high power tension wires, cellular phones, microwave ovens and all other transmitting devices.

I carry this little unit around with me in the car and at home in my pocket and you would be amazed at what it picks up.

I even found a cell phone antenna secreted in a tree in a suburb of Australia near my home when the device went off everytime I drove past it and couldnt work out why.  I put in a leter of complaint to the local council and guess what, the antenna was removed some weeks after.

The great thing about this device is it only cost me $AUS80.00 or $US40.00.

I know that you are not a commercial site but I was very impressed by this unit and feel a lot safer carrying it around on my belt.

If any of your readers are interested it can be purchased through a company called Expozure Pty Ltd.  The device is listed on their website at

Keep up the good work Roy.

Adrian Francs

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