Do Biological Effects Occur at ALL Frequencies of EMF??


18 February 2000

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I honestly don't think the message below clears up anything.....??

Instead of "driving" all of our analysis "at the point of the origin" of the EMF signal (whatever it is) ... let's deal with this question from the other side.....  Namely.....

Nobody that I know of has ever established that ELF, RF, Mw, etc. act any differently biologically..... Indeed, that may been the original (implicit?) assumption by man(kind)....  But Mother Nature has not confirmed that.....

We still do not know that the various biological effects observed are unique only to the frequency (or frequency band) tested....  Moreover, we do seem to have much evidence suggesting the opposite:  That the same (or apparently similar) effects can be observed in all three of the major frequency bands we are dealing with here;  ELF, RF and MW.

It seems to me that all attempts to find an "innocent" or harmless frequency (band) fail when put to the test.....  i.e.,  ALL non-ionizing radiation CAN BE biologically active.....!!  It is the parameters of that "can be" characteristic that we do not yet know.....???

Mother Nature simply is unaware of the frequency band "definitions" which mankind has come up with.....  She evidently knows only about the properties of non-ionizing radiation.....!!  To her, RF and MW may be without any uniqueness -- aside from the wave-lengths, themselves.....

And SOMEBODY "out there" startled me a while back with the assertion that:  Even the distinction WE make between ionizing and non-ionizing may not be entirely valid.....  Who said that??  I forget -- but it has stayed in my mind.....  [It was Dr. Goldsmith who speculated publicly about this possibility shortly before his]


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

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Subject: Further comment about power lines & stray

Roy, it seems that a lot of people are badly misunderstanding what I have written about the presence of adverse health effects around power lines that are virtually identical to those found around microwave transmitters.

I should like to make it clear that I do NOT believe there are microwave fields around electric power lines.  (I did think so briefly, about four years ago, but quickly corrected this error.)

It is a fact that many electric power lines carry not only 50-Hz or 60-Hz currents, but also radio-frequency currents (at kilohertz frequencies) that have been placed there by the company that owns or operates the line.  This is called (in English) POWER LINE CARRIER.

Not all power lines have power line carrier, because not all companies put a radio-frequency signal on their power lines.  But some do.

For any who may doubt what I say, the existence of power line carrier on electric power lines is very well documented in the engineering literature -- indeed, there is a small international industry devoted to providing the equipment needed to put power line carrier on electric power lines.

It is also a fact that any electric power line that has power line carrier on it is surrounded by a radio-frequency field.  The frequency of this RF field is the same as the frequency of the RF signal on the power line (which means it is in the kilohertz region of the spectrum).

[........What about the harmonics, Marjorie??]

Everything I have said up to this point is a provable fact.

Now:  I have observed that the adverse health effects associated with proximity to electric power lines are virtually identical to those associated with proximity to microwave transmitters.

How does one explain this observation?

I considered and discarded the idea that there were microwaves in the vicinity of power lines.  There are no microwaves present.

The radio-frequency field that is present has a much lower frequency:  in the kilohertz region.  But this RF field is NOT the same as the RF field around a radio antenna operating at some kilohertz frequency!  The field around an antenna has different regions of space that are occupied by distinctly different types of field.  At a great distance, there is a "far field" (also called the "radiation field") which consists of an almost-plane electromagnetic wave that propagates away from the antenna.

Closer in is the "near field" where there is a lot of non-radiated power present.  The near and far fields around an EFFICIENT ANTENNA occupy DIFFERENT regions of space; either one or the other is present, but not both.

However, a power line is not designed to be a radio antenna.  When an RF signal is placed on a long power line, this line acts as an INEFFICIENT ANTENNA (because it was not designed to be a radio antenna).  There are near and far fields around the line all along its length, but these different types of field occupy the SAME region of space at the SAME time.  This means that the total field present is unlike either a near or a far kilohertz field, because it is all jumbled together.

I gave an analogy to water waves, and tried to explain how, if a water wave of a single frequency reflects off an object, so that several waves of the same frequency are present at the same time in the same region of space, a cork on the surface of the water where there are several waves "all jumbled together" will bob up and down at a HIGHER frequency than any of the individual waves, EVEN THOUGH THERE IS NO WAVE PRESENT THAT HAS THIS HIGHER FREQUENCY.

In this way I tried to show how it is possible to have the EFFECTS of a high-frequency wave occur in a region of space where there is a "jumble" of lower-frequency waves present, even though the high-frequency wave is not physically present in that region of space.

This is not a rigorous argument.  It is an illustration by analogy to show how it is possible to get effects from low-frequency waves that are normally associated with much higher-frequency waves:  in this case, microwaves.

As for the "stray voltage" phenomenon, all I can say is that the experience of farmers clearly indicates that this is an RF problem, NOT a problem due to power frequencies. -- Marjorie

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