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Young at Risk from Mobile Phones


16 October 1999

........In spite of the "thrust" of the report below, I must add that my personal knowledge of people who may/probably died of brain cancer because of their mobile phone use ... were adults.  Perhaps it was because their use of the phone was "excessive."  Both were politicians who traveled their political circuit maintaining "constant" touch by phone during long, hard fought campaigns.  In other words, using the phone differently than a child would.  Congressman Mike Synar and President Bush's Campaign Chairman, Lee Atwater.....

It seems to me that the anecdotal evidence on this, from whatever source it is heard, of possible/probable cell phone victims, suggests that duration of exposure is/may be a critical factor.....

In other words, I take seriously the recommendations (for adults) we have read recently on EMF-L that reliance on the cell phone should be curtailed to the minimum necessary.  That would permit them to be utilized (to some degree) such as "emergency" calls.  A usage that could justify their possession by many.  Women traveling alone, for example, or hikers in the woods who risk getting lost, etc.....


Roy Beavers (EMFguru)......


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Here is an article from Melbourne newspaper The Herald Sun.
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12 October 1999

Young at Risk from Mobile Phones

Children absorb up to 50 per cent more radiation from using mobile phones than adults.

The younger the child, the more radiation their brain soaks up. Scientists have found the thin skulls and smaller heads of children offer less protection against microwaves sent out by the phones. As a result, they may stand a far greater risk of damage to brain cells.

While the effects of long-term mobile phone use have yet to be proved, campaigners claim they cause brain tumors, memory loss and headaches.

The study was carried out by Professor Om Ghandi, head of electrical engineering at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. He found 10 year olds absorbed 10 per cent more radiation than adults when making a call, and five year olds 50 per cent more.  "The handsets are logically closer to the brain and the brain cells than with adults," he said.

Am happy to fax this article to anyone who would like a

Sarah Benson

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