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Goldsmith on RF Dangers


22 November 1999

EMFguru #2-98, Goldsmith on RF dangers....
(Originally posted in Jan 98)

Hi everybody:

A week or so ago, I received from Dr. Goldsmith his recently published paper, "TV Broadcast Towers and Cancer:  The end of innocence for radio frequency exposures."  (American Journal of Industrial Medicine 32:689-692, 1997)

It concerns the health effects of RF exposure, particularly emanating from broadcast antennas such as TV towers (or perhaps cell phone relay towers -- guru).  Though it is somewhat "technical" in content, it is quite readable by the layman and I should think that all who have an interest in this aspect of the EMF matter would want to have a copy in their "library."  Certainly so, if you are engaged in "combat" with a TV or cell tower utility.....

I suggest that it may be the best paper produced so far that summarizes the "RF exposure" issue -- keeping in mind that there has been (so far) perhaps one-tenth as much research on the RF as the ELF.

I'm going to quote only a few passages, then hope that many of you will get the paper and study it for yourself.....

Goldsmith on RF dangers....

"Many recent epidemiological studies of ELF effects have led to a general agreement that there may be some effect on childhood leukemia. The evidence has been exceptionally well studied in Sweden, where authorities have concluded that a program of 'prudent avoidance' was justified.".........


"Three articles published in December 1996 and January 1997, reporting epidemiological studies in the United Kingdom and Australia, have changed our perspective.  [vis-a-vis the assumed "innocence" of RF emissions -- guru]  Taken together, they suggest that exposures of residents living near (within 5 km) broadcast facilities may have small increases in leukemia.".........


"Each study, alone, has its limitations. The Australian authors conclude that they have found an association between residence near TV towers and increased incidence of childhood leukemia. Increased childhood leukemia was found in both of the other studies, although statistically not significantly so. There is stronger evidence for increased adult than for childhood leukemia in the British studies, and suggestive evidence of bladder and skin cancer is also found.

"Taken together, these studies tend to support one another, as does the unpublished Honolulu study, which also shows increased cancer and leukemia near towers.".........

Guru Commentary

I won't quote any more.  The paper mainly develops the case stated in the quotes above.  I hope many of you will obtain this paper and read it for yourself......

For my own comment in this instance -- I am struck by the fact that SO MUCH is known and is becoming known in the "science" circles about the potential hazards of EMF at various frequencies (not just ELF or RF), but that information is not being circulated to the public!!!  And folks, this has been going on for some YEARS now!!!!

(During which, the main direction of the industries concerned has been to redouble their efforts to build their towers and power lines before the uninformed public "catches on" to what is going on....)

It is our governments (as well as the industries concerned, of course) who are responsible for this "black-out" of public information..... As to the failure of the press ... guru previously stated his case on the fact that we no longer have a "free" press ... in a message that appears on his web-site, EMFguru#13-97, "Sayonara...."

Hope you will take a look at that, too.......


Cheerio........  (Jan 1998)....
Roy Beavers (EMFguru)

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