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EMFguru #6-97, EMF-L current status (also Durham Meeting)

Hi everybody:

Here it is the end of another month ... perhaps guru should give you a status report on our group. We seem to be THRIVING!!!

We now have 190 members ... representing 28 nations. And -- because the addresses sometimes conceal actual location -- we know that the number of the non-U.S. member count is low!!

But ... here goes ... to the best we can figure out......

Also, as we are all aware ... our volume of message traffic has picked up considerably. Guru returned (from the EMF meeting in Durham) to find over 150 messages in his mailbox! On top of other matters (business and family) which were waiting for him, it has taken until about this time to get caught up. That's great!!! As far as we are concerned.

Many of your messages tell us that we are doing "just about" the right thing. Thanks for those messages. And keep it up!!

It is also true (as some have commented) that the mixture of "technical" and "esoteric" discussion subjects may not be just "the perfect mix" to satisfy everyone in the group.....It is hard to achieve that perfect mix that pleases all......However, we will try.....Let us hear your views to help us and the others in the group......

>From the beginning, guru saw his role as that of being an "agitator" to stimulate thought and discussion about the MANY aspects of EMF which can affect the ultimate outcome.......

We think it cannot be said too often: there is much more to the EMF problem than "magnetic fields and gauss meter readings." [Some of you will be glad to hear that at Durham they even began to speak of the "need" to get research going on the possible effects of the transients.]

The "esoteric" -- the political and the legal and the "P.R.", etc -- we believe are perhaps (at this time) even more crucial to the accomplishment of a public policy that will "protect public health interests" than is "the science." Though it is certain that -- eventually -- the science will count most. That is ... if the science community can ever free itself of the political, the legal, the "P.R.", the MONEY influences etc.....that have, in the past, distorted its objectivity.

We hope we are not being naive when we say that: It seemed to us ... that the meeting in Durham offered a "glimmer" of hope for the onset of a much more objective EMF science community ... and (perhaps) a community that will not be afraid to speak out ... even at the risk of offending the powerful industry forces that have controlled the science community in the past.

Oh, the die-hard industry defenders were there ... but they did not dominate the meetings. In fact, we thought they were decidedly on the defensive as they "fumed" and pleaded (via a series of circular assumptions) to prove that the evidence which is appearing against them "simply is not 'theoretically' possible."

[Question: Where does one go to study the kind of science that teaches -- when the evidence disputes the theory ... why (of course) you just throw out the evidence???]

[Answer: Yale Department of Physics]

As we have noted before (EMFguru #5-96 on the web-site), the "march of events" -- the unfolding of more and more scientific evidence that (while not yet "black and white" in its proof) -- is revealing decidedly a more ominous shade of gray......That we saw at Durham. (There will be more about this later.......)

And with that "grayer picture" comes the certainty that ... even a political system that is "financially beholden" to the electric/telecommunications industry ... eventually will have to recognize that we DO have an "EMF problem." And the problem can only get worse as more and more electrical energy of more and more frequencies is dumped into our environment.........

It is better to light a single candle ...
than to curse the darkness!


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