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This Web Site Will Be Closed February 29, 2000

This will, I am sure, come as a surprise. However, after spending over ten years involved with this struggle, I have decided to devote more time to other aspects of my life. I know some of my recent initiatives may seem contradictory to this apparent sudden decision, but I suspect they really were subconcious precursors to it.

There are a number of factors that have led to this decision. One being that, although I have enjoyed building and maintaining the site, it has started to become a chore. As well, when it was first launched I believe it was the only public interest site on the subject - now there are many others that can fill its role. The other main reason is that I want to have time to devote to other things such as a renewed interest in photography, due to the recent purchase of a digital camera.

The site will be completely withdrawn as of February 29, 2000. I had considered leaving it up as of then without any further additions, but I do not believe that would be appropriate. I personally hate sites that are not maintained up-to date. I will be leaving the site up until then so anyone can download any information they wish. Please feel free to use any of the information files on the site on other of your web sites or to distribute it in any way.

Although I considered continuing to maintain it, I will also be discontinuing updating the bibliography. Again anyone who wishes to use the bibliography and add to it should feel free to do so.

I intend to replace the main page for the site with links to EMFGuru website, the EMR Network web site and Wave Guide as I suspect the URL for the site might continue to be linked to, bookmarked and circulated.

I do feel that once the site is down it is best for me that I retire from the EMF struggle entirely.

Richard W. Woodley, Webmaster
Bridlewood Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Information Service